‘Ladies, this is your future in America!’ Guy gets sympathy after parading girlfriend naked in NYC streets

The shocking commentary following a video of a woman being forced by her boyfriend to walk naked through the streets of New York City exposed an ugly truth about our so-called modern world — It’s not so modern.

Jason Melo, 24, took his girlfriend outside and made her walk buck naked during a fit of jealousy after, he claimed, he discovered her sending nude pictures to other men.

In a video released after the incident, Melo offered a tearful apology.

“Maybe, I made a mistake, to do what I did, from the beginning to take her out naked. I really regret this. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it. Because in my mind, so much has happened to me,” he said.

The apology didn’t help: Melo was arrested Wednesday following the release of the video on charges of choking, child abuse, coercion and assault.

But what was equally as shocking as the act itself was the response from people to the video, with many saying the woman deserved his abusive treatment.

Melo is Hispanic and the incident took place in Harlem.

To be clear, there is nothing particularly cultural in the United States about treating women as possessions, or abusing and humiliating them; but the comments raise concerns given the rampant sexual abuse by refugees who continue to surge into Europe.

Are American men really okay with this sort of treatment or ‘punishment’ of women?

For years, and particularly this year, as the prospect of bringing in Muslim refugees by the tens of thousands is anticipated, people have sounded the alarm on the effect the clash of cultures will have on American society.

Especially troubling is the custom within Islam to view and treat women as property.

As cultures are transformed by an influx of Muslims, one has to wonder if this is what is in store for the women of America.

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