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‘Fox & Friends’ hosts can barely get word in as Judge Jeanine schools Geraldo on Hillary scandal

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The two were separated by all three co-hosts for a good reason — things could have gotten ugly.

Should Hillary Clinton be indicted for sending and receiving classified information through her private, non-secure email server? Geraldo Rivera and Judge Jeanine Pirro crossed swords on that issue on the Friday edition of “Fox & Friends.”

“The woman circumvented both the spirit and the letter of the law,” Pirro began, after observing that even those investigating Clinton weren’t authorized to read the former secretary’s “need to know” emails.

Rivera countered that the matter reeked of politics, and added that specific intent of wrongdoing couldn’t be proved because the emails themselves had no security classifications.

Pirro shot back that specific intent wasn’t a requirement under the statute.

“This is about justice — this is about the law,” she said, getting more heated. “This is about a woman who is not above the law, even though she thinks she is.”

Rivera responded that Gen. David Petraeus, who, in his opinion, did worse, should never had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge.

“She made Americans vulnerable because she had a non-secure server,” Pirro said.

Viewers loved the judge’s spunk, and took to social media.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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