‘The Lion King’ is racist, homophobic, and sexist: How did we miss it?

In the hyper-sensitive culture emerging today, even the most basic and formerly uncontroversial concepts are coming under fire for being politically incorrect, including feel-good children’s movies that tout the “circle of life.”

According to at least one professor, Disney’s mega-hit movie “The Lion King” is one such major offender, checking off all of the following boxes of transgressions: Sexism, racism, and homophobia.

Right off the bat, the movie’s first infraction is for focusing on a male lion cub aspiring to fill the hard-to-replace role of his powerful father. It appears the boy cub, and apparently much more, was discussed in a college classroom setting.

Greg Kearney, senior editor at the Fordham political Review, tweeted what his professor was spewing and Twitchy.com reported.

Wow. The movie even promotes the “evils of capitalism.” That’s really deep. Somewhere out there, a whole lot of people ought to be demanding their tuition money back.

But it gets worst. A curious tweeter asked Kearney to expound on the professor’s oh-so-wise theory.

Those engaged in the Twitter conversation found it absurd and entertaining.

Hilarious! But gone are the days when this kind of nonsense could be brushed off. After all, people who make up this kind of divisive garbage and narrative are teaching America’s impressionable youth!


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