Ted Cruz’s college roommate goes on odd 2-day Twitter rant, calls his ex-bunkie some choice words

As if Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz didn’t have his hands full already with a full-on scrum with rival Donald Trump, the Texas senator now must contend with a former college roommate snipping around his heels.

Craig Mazin shared a dorm room with Cruz during their freshman year at Princeton University, and that experience, almost 30 years ago, was less than amiable based on a series of snide remarks the ex-roomie shared on social media — including calling Cruz an “a**hole.”

A Hollywood screenwriter — which may say all that needs to be said about his dislike of the Republican lawmaker — Mazin unloaded on Cruz in response to folks learning that they were once roommates. One must uphold their reputation in liberal Hollywood, it seems… or seek out their 15 minutes of fame.

Based on a post a week earlier, Mazin wasn’t exactly trying to hide that fact. If nothing else, the tone of the comment all but confirms his liberal make-up, assuming a propensity for dropping “f-bombs” on his Twitter feed didn’t already give him away:


Mazin upped the ante in a two-day rant lamenting the influx of social media followers he has taken on because of his now-famous ex-bunkie and quickly ramped up his attack:

He even found a kindred spirit who claimed to know — and loathe — Cruz back then. Ironically, that’s two classmates more who have surfaced than has occurred with President Barack Obama:

Mazin eventually took things in an odd direction, starting a hashtag “game” to name ice cream flavors after Cruz. Of course, if one was to name an ice cream flavor after Mazin, a double scoop of “obsession” might be appropriate.

Tom Tillison


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