Libs want Feds to arrest Ted Nugent over raging rant about ’13 Hours’

Like most red-blooded, freedom loving Americans, rocker Ted Nugent was incensed after seeing the Benghazi tell-all film, “13 Hours.”

So much so, Nugent stirred controversy for saying that President Obama and Hillary Clinton should be “tried for treason and hung” over the matters that led to four Americans being murdered during the attack.

Nugent, not one to shy away from how he’s feeling, took to Facebook to vent his frustration. His fiery words have been shared far and wide, and have some wondering – and many hoping – he might have instigated some legal trouble for himself.

“Our unholy rotten soulless criminal America destroying government killed 4 Americans in Benghazi,” Nugent started.

“Period! What sort of chimpass punk would deny security, turn down 61 requests for security, then tell US forces to STAND DOWN when they were ready to kickass on the allapukes & save American lives! Obama & Clinton, that’s who. They should be tried for treason & hung. Our entire fkdup gvt must be cleansed asap.”


Salon shared Nugent’s words saying, “This may actually constitute a federal crime.” The Daily Kos displayed some wishful thinking and said Nugent could be looking at a Class E felony for “threatening a president.”

Nugent remained unfazed and used his First Amendment Right to double-down on his assertion. He added another post, defending his stance, and the movie. “Lying scum traitors run America. Arrest, try, convict, punish lying scum traitors,” his proceeding post began.


It doesn’t seem like “Uncle Ted,” as so many of his fans call him, will be backing down any time soon.

Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

"Nicole Haas is an author, activist, and writer of all things parenting, pop culture and politics. She seeks to champion truth and liberty with the hope that her children and future generations have a fighting chance."
Nicole Haas


172 thoughts on “Libs want Feds to arrest Ted Nugent over raging rant about ’13 Hours’

  1. codestaxx says:

    NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM TREASON. Let’s leave it at that.

  2. Tina Tate says:

    Yeah, I can go along with that right after Farrakhan is arrested to asking for 10,000 volunteers to go out and murder white Americans!! You liberals are all totally brain dead fools and mega hypocrites!! If Farrakhan can get away with inciting the murder of Americans, then Nugent can get away with calling for Obimbo and Killary to be brought up on charges for Benghazi!! Like I said liberals are idiots!!

  3. JK55 says:

    Ted should not back down. He hurled an accusation and both President Obama and Hilary Clinton should defend themselves, although it is obvious that there is no defense.

  4. Bill says:

    In before some liberal calls it just a movie and not a documentary.

  5. LRob says:

    Salon and the others are a bunch of morons.

    No place in Nugent’s statements did he threaten the president, or anyone else. He offered his opinion that Obama and Hillary should be tried for treason and hung. That would imply that a jury or court would find them guilty of high crimes and assess a penalty of hanging until death. All legal. All well within Nugent’s right to say he believes the legal process would do its job.

    I’ve said the same thing, many times. These two, and quite possibly others are guilty of treason. They should be forced to undergo the maximum penalty for treason: hanging until dead.

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