Cruz team takes big gamble with new uber-evangelical video

A Super PAC that supports Ted Cruz has taken a leap of faith to show how true the Texas senator’s evangelical faith is.

A more than 17-minute video detailing the journey of Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, toward Christianity was released Tuesday night by Keep The Promise, a super PAC funded by New York hedge fund manager Bob Mercer.

The danger in a video of this type is that it could potentially alienate non-Christian voters by its a dramatic, all-in strategy designed to appeal directly to evangelicals. The piece was released weeks after front-runner Donald Trump seemed to question the faith of Cruz’s dad.

In the video, the Republican presidential candidate warned that the Supreme Court is “one liberal judge away” from dramatically changing America, but assures the viewer that his Court nominations would be guided by his Christian faith.

“‘Cruz Faith In Action’ — tells the story of how Ted Cruz came to be the man and leader he is today beginning with his father’s acceptance of Christ,” the video description read. “He also provides us with a refreshing reassurance about how his Christian beliefs and principles will guide him as President – from the appointment of Supreme Court Justices to the defense of religious liberties.”

Carmine Sabia


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