Bristol Palin shames Ted Cruz in brutal rebuke for slamming her mom

Sarah Palin TedCruz

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz slammed Sarah Palin on Tuesday for her intention to endorse Donald Trump, and Palin’s daughter Bristol fired back.

She was blunt in a blog post titled “Is THIS why people don’t like Cruz?”

Here is part of what she said:

I like Cruz. In fact, I met him last year, and I believe anyone’s better than Hillary Clinton. But here’s the thing, Sen. Cruz.  My mom has consistently supported you and encouraged you.  You’ve been a great advocate for conservative causes, and she’s stood by you when others haven’t.

“I would not be in the U.S. Senate today if it were not for Governor Palin,” you’ve said before.

Palin added:

Cruz’s flip-flop, turning against my mom who’s done nothing but support and help him when others sure didn’t, shows he’s a typical politician.  How rude to that he’s setting up a false narrative about her!

America doesn’t need that.  We need someone who has a vision for economic prosperity, who won’t let us get kicked around in the world, and who will fight for our future.

I didn’t go to Harvard Law School, but I know this:  You can like two people in a race, but there will only be one president.

The audacity to suggest that because she chooses one over the other will somehow “damage” her just shows arrogance.

You’ve also said, “She can pick winners!”  I hope you’re right, and that she endorses Donald Trump today for President.


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