Andrea Tantaros: People know Trump’s not conservative, for the first time they don’t care

Will Sarah Palin’s endorsement give GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump the boost he needs against his friend-turned-foe rival Ted Cruz in the race for Iowa?

Andrea Tantaros and Guy Benson appeared on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” Wednesday to discuss “Tea Party favorite” Sarah Palin and her decision to back billionaire Donald Trump, despite doubts surrounding the real-estate behemoth’s allegiance to conservative ideals.

Guy Benson saw Palin’s endorsement as particularly advantageous for Trump against Cruz’s “two-front attack”: “This endorsement for Trump comes at an opportune moment,” he stated. “That really inoculates the Donald against both of those lines of criticism that Cruz is undertaking.”

The two-sided attack Cruz has recently deployed includes questioning Trump’s loyalty to conservatism, and his relationship to the “establishment.”

Cruz, along with Iowa governor Terry Branstad, have publicly criticized Trump as being part and parcel of the establishment, urging voters to be suspicious of his seemingly rogue character.

Tantaros agreed that Palin’s endorsement will help to shield Trump from the attacks, but argued that despite the criticism, “Trump is not establishment. Not even a little bit.”

Further, Tantaros stated that Trump’s supporters don’t seem bothered that he has changed positions, and that “The argument that Trump is not a conservative, people know that, and for the first time, I’ve seen people not even care. The GOP base doesn’t seem to mind this time around.”

Benson and Tantaros seemed to agree that Palin’s move was a powerful and strategic defense against Cruz’s attacks, and will bolster Trump’s chances in the race for Iowa.







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