Andrea Tantaros: People know Trump’s not conservative, for the first time they don’t care

Will Sarah Palin’s endorsement give GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump the boost he needs against his friend-turned-foe rival Ted Cruz in the race for Iowa?

Andrea Tantaros and Guy Benson appeared on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” Wednesday to discuss “Tea Party favorite” Sarah Palin and her decision to back billionaire Donald Trump, despite doubts surrounding the real-estate behemoth’s allegiance to conservative ideals.

Guy Benson saw Palin’s endorsement as particularly advantageous for Trump against Cruz’s “two-front attack”: “This endorsement for Trump comes at an opportune moment,” he stated. “That really inoculates the Donald against both of those lines of criticism that Cruz is undertaking.”

The two-sided attack Cruz has recently deployed includes questioning Trump’s loyalty to conservatism, and his relationship to the “establishment.”

Cruz, along with Iowa governor Terry Branstad, have publicly criticized Trump as being part and parcel of the establishment, urging voters to be suspicious of his seemingly rogue character.

Tantaros agreed that Palin’s endorsement will help to shield Trump from the attacks, but argued that despite the criticism, “Trump is not establishment. Not even a little bit.”

Further, Tantaros stated that Trump’s supporters don’t seem bothered that he has changed positions, and that “The argument that Trump is not a conservative, people know that, and for the first time, I’ve seen people not even care. The GOP base doesn’t seem to mind this time around.”

Benson and Tantaros seemed to agree that Palin’s move was a powerful and strategic defense against Cruz’s attacks, and will bolster Trump’s chances in the race for Iowa.







12 thoughts on “Andrea Tantaros: People know Trump’s not conservative, for the first time they don’t care

  1. ooddballz says:

    As much as I like and respect Ms. Palin, I fear she has, once again, hitched her star to the wrong wagon.

    Perhaps Trump promised her the V.P. slot she was denied before?

  2. HockeyShark says:

    I know Trump is not a conservative and I care. I’m starting tout question Palin’s conservatism too.

    1. Glen Corona says:

      Vote Hillaty or Sanders. Your dream hope and change will come true.

      1. HockeyShark says:

        Make sense, dude.

      2. alicia4la says:

        Yes, ….in Mars!!!

  3. Glen Corona says:

    Who cares. We all know he`s not O`Bozo nor Lying Corrupt Hillary Even Trump voting Democrats don`t care, Every Trump voter cares the Nation is saved from the mess O`Bozo and the Freaking DemoFreaks created.

  4. Friend Of St. Frank says:

    He should to be able to unite all Americans-democrats, independents, republicans on and on. You cannot make America great again if you believe that the president should have a very limited perspective and only serve a small segment of the population or party-that is what we have now-a president who is concerned only for specific groups and who does not care about everyone else.

    Trump was in Tulsa Oklahoma this evening-20,000 people jammed packed and over 5000 who could not get in. Same thing that happens everywhere. I am a Ph.D.+, independent voter. I want someone who can think on his feet, bring all sides to the table to get what is best for all Americans not just a select few with their blinders on who can’t stand to pay attention to others who do not engage in their particular brand of mental masturbation and group think. And if a group is being a-holes (like BLM), will have brass balls and cut them down to size and will not play or pander so I and all my friends whether republican or democrat or independent, irregardless of gender or race are very pro-Donald Trump. Trump already is known world wide-comes from being an international business man-he can pull it off and he can inspire the whole country to become a United States again-that is what we need. The man is a world wide phenomena and speaks for Americans-not for some little segment of Americans. We don’t need that ever again, regardless of which extreme or side you are on.

    So, there you have it. Standing room only crowds and thousands more who want to get in and see the Donald. No one else can pull that off. And a bag of hot air Canadian lawyer who acts like a petulant child and hides his behavior (support of illegal aliens to the gang of 8 and loyalty to the big banks and other 1% who own him) while spouting off words-never accomplishing a thing and throwing his little tantrum after the fact to look like a ‘big man’ is not going to work-Cruz has never authored 1 bill-not one. Oh, he complains about things after the fact, but that is all he is-a whiner, a complainter, a should have been blah blah. Texas is a very rich state and embraced Obamacare to the max and embraced illegal aliens and benefited quite well from these two democrat ideals-look who got all the contracts for big money for illegal aliens and Texas is it-look at the big banks-Texas-look at the heart of ‘green energy’ solar and wind farms-Texas again. Pay attention. We don’t need another I will go it on my own and defy everyone and run my mouth executive order only because I won’t work with anyone President-and that is the Canadian-Cuban-American lawyer-Ted Cruz.

  5. AnyKenny says:

    Conservatives are not a minority. We are a majority. The tent is bigger than you think. It includes people from all over who share similar values with the bonafides. Many are conservative but cannot call themselves that because a/ they have to share the world with intolerant leftists who hold inordinate power over their lives or b/ they attach some shame to calling themselves what they really are, sort of like being in high school and admitting that you like Karen Carpenter. You keep it a secret. But our country, like a bee’s nest, is under attack. We must all be bees now. We must defend the nest at all costs. Trump is the man.

  6. CaptGene says:

    The fact is nobody short of Jesus Christ Himself can be conservative enough for some people but I have to look at one thing: Our Republic literally hangs in the balance of this next election. If people stay home or vote third party then it’s over. We cannot, we will not turn the “Ship of State” around in ONE election. It will take a full GENERATION to get Her back on course. But if we do nothing and allow America to continue this course to its ultimate conclusion – literally the death of America – and we do NOT at least start turning it around, then those of you who stay out of it and/or vote third party will be THE reason for our demise. Choose people; choose wisely.

  7. tsigili says:

    Being conservative doesn’t fix anything, if you don’t take action. I truly believe Trump will take action, and the others will NOT!

  8. El says:

    Never minded democrats in the past and always supported dem presidents, Obama has changed the party to a radical left/socialist and darn near communist party,

  9. alicia4la says:

    The Governor of Iowa is publicly supporting Mr Trump…Why you guys lie?

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