Research study confirms ‘conservative position’ on BLM; ‘police use force mainly to protect human life’

The Black Lives Matter movement rests on the notion that black men are the primary targets of police brutality, discrimination and violence, leading to untimely and tragic deaths of unarmed and “innocent” African Americans.

To determine the factuality of that claim, The Washington Post conducted a year-long survey of all the “on-duty fatal shootings” by police officers across America, and here is what they found:

“After a year of research, the data are in, and they confirm the conservative position: The police use force mainly to protect human life, the use of force against unarmed suspects is rare, and the use of force against black Americans is largely proportional to their share of the violent crime rate,” reported David French for the National Review in December of last year.

Further, French remarked: “The kinds of shootings that launched the Black Lives Matter movement — white police officers killing unarmed black men — represent ‘less than 4 percent of fatal police shootings.’”

French commented on movements that galvanize support through false rhetoric and narratives, citing Black Lives Matter as an example, and how they only fuel the flames of hatred amongst people.

“So Black Lives Matter will likely roll on, and still more black Americans will be taught to hate and fear law enforcement, fed on a steady diet of lies about their own country. America is a better place than they’ve been led to believe. Radical racial politics will only make it worse.”

Read David French’s analysis of the WP report here.


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