Andrea Mitchell scolds Sanders for trashing Bill Clinton

Correspondent Andrea Mitchell joined anchor Lester Holt as moderators of NBC’s Sunday night Democratic presidential debate and Mitchell lived up to her billing as a longtime Hillary Clinton apologist.

Not that a cantankerous Bernie Sanders was going to let her get away with it unscathed.

Overlooking a long history of accusations women have leveled against Bill Clinton, Mitchell all but scolded Sanders for being critical of the former president.

“You called Bill Clinton’s past transgressions ‘totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable,’” she said. “Do you regret saying that?”

Sanders’ answer was equally troubling, as he laments that it’s only because of meddling voters that he was critical of Clinton.

“I was asked a question … Andrea, that question annoys me,” he replied. “I cannot walk down the street — Secretary Clinton knows this — without being told how I have to attack Secretary Clinton.”

“I have avoided doing that… trying to run an issue-oriented campaign,” Sanders said.

“I was asked a question,” he repeated.

“You didn’t have to answer it that way though,” Mitchell came back, as if she were defending Clinton. “Why did you?”

“Then if I don’t answer it, it’s another front page,” Sanders replied, adding that Clinton’s “behavior was deplorable” but that he has never “once said a word about that issue” while campaigning.

Tom Tillison


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