Trump finally responds to Glenn Beck’s brutal pounding and it wasn’t pretty

Glenn Beck has been pounding on Donald Trump for months. And the presidential front-runner just sent a shot back.

In response to the conservative radio hosts appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Trump struck back by stating that “dopey” Beck is a failure as a businessman.

Beck told the Fox News host on Friday that Trump is a closet progressive who voted for Barack Obama.

“Do you remember when I used to talk about how the progressives were in the Republican Party, as well?” Beck asked. “That’s Donald Trump!”

He also claimed on his own show that should Trump become president, he would be a “monster much, much worse than anything that Barack Obama could have dreamt.”

“(Trump) is the same narcissistic character; he is the same ‘hope and change,’ make America great nonsense; he is the same ‘I’ll run it better,’” that President Barack Obama was eight years ago, he said.

“This dopey guy, Glenn Beck. He looks like hell,” Trump said at a New Hampshire rally. “He’s like a dope. And I watch him cry on television all the time. He’s doing very badly. His thing is falling apart. His company is falling apart. I see him on television.”

Then the real estate mogul said he called the Fox News host.

“I actually called Bill O’Reilly. I said, ‘Bill, why do you have a guy like that on television?’ FOX fired him. Then he goes out and does this thing. He says he’s doing well. He’s not,” Trump said.

“And the thing that bothered me was, ‘Donald Trump voted for Barack Obama.’ Me. And here’s the problem. The thing about having a large microphone is that we can actually explain to people that they lie so much,” he added. “He doesn’t like me cause I didn’t come on his show.”

Watch the clip.

Trump also lashed out at Beck in October, when the radio host was quoted in a New York Times piece referring to Trump as a “schoolyard bully.” At that time, Trump used Twitter to fight back.


O’Reilly, Beck butt heads over ‘problem-solver’ Donald Trump


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