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Fox News hosts fight back after another Obama jab: ‘Be a man, sit down, take a real question from a real reporter’

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The differences President Barack Obama has with the Fox News Channel are legendary.

On Saturday, “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Tucker Carlson lit into the president for his “obsession” with the network, telling Obama to “be a man [and] take a real question from a real reporter.”

“His obsession with Fox is really striking,” Carlson said, pointing to a disparaging remark Obama made about Fox News in a recent YouTube interview.

“There’s one news channel that covers him as journalists should — skeptically,” he continued. “We do and he can’t handle it, he can’t tolerate it. It’s just an offense to him.”

“He refuses to sit down with people who ask him real questions … and I hate that,” Carlson said. “Be a man, sit down, take a real question from a real reporter once in a while.”

It’s hard to dispute that the Democratic Party’s “War on Fox News” is alive and well.

Case in point, front-runner Hillary Clinton will appear on every Sunday show this week except for Fox News Sunday, according to the Weekly Standard.

She will be interviewed by Chuck Todd of NBC, George Stephanopoulos of ABC, John Dickerson of CBS, and Jake Tapper of CNN.

But Clinton falls short of the “Full Ginsburg” — a term coined in reference to attorney William Ginsburg who appeared on every Sunday morning show in one day while representing Monica Lewinski — with the avoidance of Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Turns out, Democrat rival Bernie Sanders’ schedule mimics Clinton’s.

Tom Tillison


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