Agency head resigns for dressing male bus driver as a little old lady for mayor’s photo-op

A Rhode Island executive of a city agency resigned last week after it was disclosed that she dressed a male bus driver up as an elderly woman in an attempt to improve optics at an event.

Sue Stenhouse, executive director of Cranston, Rhode Islamd’s Senior Enrichment Center, dressed center bus driver David Roberts in a wig, earrings, women’s clothing and makeup and placed him behind her at a press conference.

Sources told local NBC affiliate 10 News that the “woman” was actually a bus driver for the senior center, and reported:

Video and pictures from the Jan. 5 press conference show the man standing next to Stenhouse and Mayor Allan Fung.

The man was wearing a dress, earrings, lipstick, a wig, as well as a tag that read, “Cranston Senior Home Resident.”

Fung’s office told NBC 10 that Stenhouse resigned and that they cannot comment on personnel matters.

When NBC 10 visited Stenhouse’s Warwick home Wednesday evening, she at first told a reporter to go away.

Then, she opened her door and exchanged a few words with NBC 10.


“I’ve been in a meeting all night being a great public servant for the city of Warwick,” Stenhouse said. “Now, I get this (expletive.) And you guys did not reach out to me. And that was a big lie on the news.”

She was upset that News 10 ran the story without contacting her first, although the station maintains that it contacted the former director but never returned its phone calls.

Watch the video, via NBC 10 News.


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