Was this the Ted Cruz apology New Yorkers were looking for?

In a manner befitting of Ted Cruz, the Republican presidential contender offered an apology Friday to those he may have offended with his remarks about rival Donald Trump’s “New York values.”

Sort of.

“I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by the liberal politicians in that state,” the Texas senator told reporters.

The candidate’s extended apology continued for several minutes and included a number of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policies.

Cruz even tried to mitigate any damage done during a poignant exchange with Trump during Thursday’s Fox Business presidential debate, when the front-runner made an impassioned appeal to the 9/11 attacks to counter Cruz’s criticism of his values.

“I apologize to all the cops and the firefighters and 9/11 heroes who had no choice but to stand and turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio because Mayor de Blasio over and over again stands with the looters and the criminals rather than the brave men and women of blue,” Cruz said.

CNN political director David Chalian and NBC News correspondent shared more of the apology on social media, and based on the reactions, Cruz easily held serve.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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