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‘Embarrassing!’ NY Daily News cover defending ‘New York values’ not suitable for children

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The New York Daily News is at it again.

The paper known for its left-leaning bias published Friday’s edition with a headline that read “Drop Dead, Ted” alongside an image of the Statue of Liberty giving Texas Sen. Ted Cruz the middle finger.

The attack is in reference to Cruz’s assertion that the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has “New York values” and is therefore not a true conservative.

This provocative cover follows a one-week stretch of fire-and-brimstone from December following the San Bernardino terrorist attacks where the paper mocked those who offered thoughts and prayers to the victims with the headline “God isn’t fixing this,” tried shifting the focus to a white man who had a stash of weapons but attacked no one, accused the NRA of waging a jihad against America, and even suggested that one of the victims deserved it for preaching Christianity.

Friday’s cover came after Thursday’s debate where Cruz stood by his ‘New-York-values’ attack on Trump, but people seemed angrier at the paper’s cover than they were with Cruz’s remarks, including some who believed that the News only proved Cruz’s point.

Carmine Sabia


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