Van Jones confirms ‘full-on’ rebellion against Hillary by Dems

Hillary Clinton is not exactly where she thought she’d be at this stage in the game.

It’s no secret that the Democrat National Committee favors their darling, shoving Hillary down the throats of constituents with tailored debates and enormous backing. Liberals were supposed to accept Hillary as the party’s presidential nominee like good little minions.

Only the minions are rebelling.

CNN contributor Van Jones explained the “extraordinary” phenomenon to Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” Tuesday.

“There is a full-on rebellion at the grassroots level,” Van Jones explained.

Jones highlighted the fact that the ultra-progressive group threw its support behind Bernie Sanders — certainly not good news for the Clinton dynasty.

“, our biggest progressive organization, endorsed Bernie Sanders last night. Overwhelmingly, 67%.”

Van Jones was clearly irritated the Clinton campaign had recently used daughter Chelsea to slam Sanders with what he called “groundless” attacks over Obamacare. Jones stressed that Sanders supporters are looking for authenticity.

“If your main problem with the base is that you are not authentic, don’t waste Chelsea Clinton on an inauthentic attack!” he said.

Van Jones conceded that Hillary will most likely become the nominee, but said the road to victory will be much harder because the Clintons are beginning to fuel the rebellion themselves.

“The Clintons are starting to do stuff that’s stoking this rebellion. It’s not that Hillary Clinton’s going to lose, Bernie Sanders is likely now to win both Iowa and New Hampshire because the base is getting frustrated with the Clinton campaign,” he said.


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