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Uproar over Hillary’s plan to combat ISIS with ‘love, kindness and nurturing’

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A telling interview with Hillary Clinton that aired on the Lifetime channel has seen little daylight since it’s debut Wednesday night.

In what could be described as one of Hillary’s most embarrassing moments, the Democrat presidential contender answered an important question with a vague, and largely out-of-touch answer.

Hillary was asked what she, as a “female,” could bring to the White House.

“I really believe we need more love and kindness and nurturing in our country, and in the world,” Hillary began.

Probably knowing she was going to come across as blissfully naïve to a large segment of the thinking population, Hillary hedged her answer a bit.

“I don’t mean this to be real gooshy. I mean it seriously,” she said.

That’s a hard pill to swallow for those who want to protect Western civilization from the bloodthirsty death-cult known as ISIS. Because, let’s face it, killing them with kindness isn’t going to cut it.

Hillary’s curiously “womanly” answer doesn’t end there. She went on to say there is a “dismissiveness” in the air that makes “whole groups of people feel like they’re left out or left behind.”

By group does she mean like those Americans who were left behind in Benghazi? Because I’m betting their relatives believe Hillary should be the last person to be preaching about “love and kindness.”

Hillary didn’t stop there; she then pulled out her woman-card when she went on to say that women in particular have a history of trying to figure out how people can “get along” better. She reiterated how she feels she could bring more “love and kindness” to the White House and the world.

Excuse me, Hillary. There is NO “getting along” with terrorists.

[wpvideo UVrFJrm3]

Plenty of folks on Twitter weren’t buying what she was trying to sell either:


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