Texas high school ‘fudges truth’; teaches that under Islam, ‘all people are equal’

Schools are making Islam more Judeo-Christian friendly and more palatable to young, impressionable minds.

The Woodlands, Texas Township Director Laura Fillault posted a screenshot of a lesson being taught to 9th graders at at the local high school. It claims that under Islam “all people are equal.”

So, “submit or die” is all a fallacy? Persecution of gays and women is all a myth?

It also claimed that that Muhammed “married an older woman.” Maybe they were talking in terms of emotional age rather than chronological age.

Fillault tweeted:

Folks on social media had a field day with that one and kept Fillault busy fielding responses.

As the for “older wife” claim, although it’s true that Muhammed had many wives, including Khadijah who was two years older than him, and Sawdah who was described as older than all of his other wives, they fail to mention Ayesha, the child-wife.

Muhammed married her when she was but six years old, and consummated the relationship when she was nine.

And what was the name of that course? I don’t know, but here’s one possibility:

Someone finally offered this sage-like piece of advice:

One has to wonder: if this is what’s being taught in Texas, imagine what lessons in Washington state, Minnesota and California are like.


15 thoughts on “Texas high school ‘fudges truth’; teaches that under Islam, ‘all people are equal’

  1. tsigili says:

    You have to ask………….why is Christian religion banned from schools, while they are teaching Islamic religion in the public schools?????? That’s a totally double standard by all public schools, under the Obama regime. This clearly shows, that Obama is anti-Christian, and pro Islam.

    The people of America should be outraged by this double standard.

  2. Sons of Liberty says:

    I’m a history teacher. I teach about the brutal islamic invasions from the 7th through the 15th Centuries, where they invaded most of the Middle East, most of North Africa, several Mediterranean islands, several S.E. Asian islands, and 70 percent of what is now Spain. They attempted to invade France but were turned back by a brilliant military move via Charles Martel and the Carolingians. They had their sights set on all of Europe, which is why the Pope sanctioned the very justifiable First Crusade in 1095. The islamic forces used brutal tactics and forced conversion to islam via swordpoint. The Crusades slowed the advance on Europe, but in the 15th Century, the Ottoman Turks began their successful invasion of Eastern Europe. That same century saw the strongest Spanish kingdoms unite and complete the “Reconquista,” driving the islamic out after 781 years. Of course, the more liberal teachers will concentrate more on the “Inquisition” than the Reconquista – in reality the Inquisition was designed to take out those who collaborated with the islamics in Spain.

    1. Tiger says:

      Surprised CAIR has not taken you to task but good for you.

      1. Sons of Liberty says:

        Former Marine, retired Border Patrol Agent (all this before I returned to the teaching profession)…I’m not worried about them.

        1. Tiger says:

          Army Combat Support Reserve nurse over here served Shield/Storm and this war.

          Happy to know you are out there.

  3. BTeboe says:

    I’m beginning to wonder about who we have as teachers in our schools. I think there is some kind of underground movement to make the US into part of the caliphate. It’s an absolutely miserable and hate filled totalitarian govt masquerading as a religion. I do NOT want to live on my knees.

    1. Eric Brian says:

      UNderground?! It’s about as UNderground as an aircraft carrier or a skyscraper!

  4. Sons of Liberty says:

    I have an M.A. in history. My specialty was Medieval History.

  5. Tiger says:

    In what world? Who is killing daily throughout the world? This won’t fly actions are speaking louder than words.

    This will come to a head and Islam will be purged like pus from a pimple.

    Next president will take care of this.

  6. Tiger says:

    You are a liar and the other teacher told the truth. I could tear every part of your post to pieces but don’t have the time. To suffice it to say the Bible was written in Hebrew and Aramaic not Arabic. Aramaic was used in a couple of the books the New Testament written in Greek.

    Just like every Muslim sympathizer you try to change the Biblical Text along with history. Muhammad born thousands of years after the Jews a Nation and hundreds after the Christ. No Muslims lived during Biblical times because Muhammad not born yet.

    Muhammad tied Islam to Abraham after he was turned away by the Jews when he tried to get them to accept his Qur’an. Up until that time he had his followers face Jerusalem and he claimed Moses as the ancestor but then had them face Mecca and turned to Abraham attempting to place Islam into Biblical history by claiming Ishmael but Ismael’s mother was Egyptian. There were no Muslims and as far as the description that Ishmael would be a hairy ass of a man and go against all everywhere, he was far from the only one in those times.

    Esau has again nothing to do with Islam no Muslims in Biblical times and by the way everything Muhammad said had been said before, everything is a takeoff on the Bible and the other religions of the time. Allah not the same God as that of the Jews and Christians. If he were there would have been no Crusades and peace today. Muhammad before he died wrote every existing Potentate and told them to convert to Islam and save themselves then he said People of the Scriptures turn away from your God Allah the only God. If the same he would not have said this and by the way Mr. Scholar you should know about the letters they are on a Muslim site on the net.

    I have lived all over the world, been to the ME and I have read the Qur’an and studied the life of Muhammad. A pedophile and a thief and murderer.

    Welcome for the education. Traitor.

  7. Jo Amdahl says:

    Sorry, but I’m pretty sure I have a LOT more education than you, (13+ years of grad school) and although your a minor amount of your “facts” are true, they are prejudiced and tell only one side of the story. The others “facts” are pure propaganda. (Also, I have served in Muslim countries and am an Anthropologist as well as a historian.) I also studied at a Lutheran Bible School in graduate studies and am astounded at your views on Luther. You’d better check that out again! As far as your Muslim influenced theology that Esau was the rightful heir. No, even Issac recognized that it wasn’t so. The sale of the birthright was legitimate. However, the lineage of the Arabs comes not from Esau, but from Ishmael, (though there was intermarriage, but the patriarchal line here is traced to Ishmael, not Esau.) So where was it you studied again? Get your money back.

  8. Momo says:

    Ok, I do not see anything wrong with the way they are teaching this. It is just giving the basic tenets of the Muslim faith. Why teach hate in school, come one now? Schools give basic tenets of all faiths, I was in public school in Virginia only a year ago, a largely red state, and am now in college. Yes, some of the things which Islam teaches (Christianity teaches them too btw) are controversial today. These are ancient books. You don’t take em literally. Unfortunately, a lot of people do, particularly uneducated people, and the best way to stop that is through education, not hate and fear mongering which only isolates people who might be exposed to extremism. Love is greater than hate any day, I believe Jesus Christ and many other people in history taught that (and btw Jesus Christ is also the messiah in Islam 😉 ). So basically I am saying, no this is not some biased white washing of Islam, it doesn’t turn opinionated at all, and that is a good thing. And secondly, focus on love not hate. 🙂

    1. Eric Brian says:

      JesusChrist is no Muzzy “Messiah.” Islam calls Him a mere prophet; on a par with their pedophilic mass-murdering MooHammed whom they emulate.
      Teaching basic tenets of Christianity in an American public school would likely get the teacher fired; same as in Arabia, except he’d probably get to keep his tongue or head.

  9. Emily Jones says:

    what a bloody bigoted roman arse you are, martin luther turned away from “christianity” of rome ,who murdered thousands in the name of jesus, hugonauts,protestants which led in full scale war in europe so please, and rome during world war 2 turned their backs on the jews in the face of the nazi’s, and lets not forget who murdered jesus.

    1. Emily Jones says:

      the uk is the only european country that rome was beaten out of and thank god

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