After THIS profanity-laced rant against cops, professor gets personal invite to meet Obama

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor was given a personal invitation to meet President Obama following a speech in Omaha Wednesday because of her staunch anti-gun activism.

The woman, Amanda Gailey, an English professor, is also the director of a group known as Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, according to her Facebook profile.

Amanda Gailey Page

In addition to her anti-gun position, Gailey doesn’t appear to be much of a fan of law enforcement either.

In a public post on her Facebook page dated Dec. 28, 2015, less than a month before she met the president and the same day it was revealed that a Cleveland police officer would not face charges in the shooting death of Tamir Rice, Gailey unleashed a profanity-laced diatribe cursing the police, the National Rifle Association, prosecutors and others.

“F**k police officers who undertook a job that carries inherent risk but think any perceived threat to them whatsoever justifies instantaneous lethal force,” she wrote.

“F**k police officers who pull up as close as possible to an alleged threat so that they can execute the person as quickly as possible without assessing the situation first.”

Amanda Gailey Rant Edited

That version of Gailey did not quite sound like the person who told the Lincoln Journal Star on Tuesday how excited she was to meet the president the following day.

“I think it’s just wonderful that Obama has made this a policy priority,” she told the Journal Star. “I hope that it results in bringing this issue to the forefront of the political conversation in our state as the legislative session begins.”

The Journal Star reported that Gailey was among 10 members of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence who received a personal invitation from the White House to attend the speech at the Baxter Arena, but Gailey was the only one of them asked to meet Obama himself.

She told the Journal Star Obama’s decision to expand the amount of gun vendors who have to conduct background checks was “really important mostly because they have put the issue forward as a major policy point.”

Perhaps the White House should have done a more thorough background check on the teacher it invited to meet the president.

As is known from how it vets immigrants, like the San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik, the administration isn’t big on checking social media profiles, but it might be a good idea to start making a point of it.

On Wednesday evening, I personally posted on the Facebook page of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence to ask if Gailey had made derogatory statements against the police, to which page administrators quickly replied “No.”

Minutes later I posted a screenshot of the comments and asked if the writer of those comments and the woman who met the president were not, in fact, one in the same.

Rather than reply, the page administrator’s deleted all of our correspondence, including the picture, and blocked me from the page.

BizPac Review reached out to Gailey as well via her Facebook page but have yet to hear back.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


237 thoughts on “After THIS profanity-laced rant against cops, professor gets personal invite to meet Obama

  1. cbrtxus says:

    According to FBI crime statistics here:

    The number of people murdered with firearms has decreased as the number of privately owned firearms has increased. With all of the hullabaloo about “assault weapons,” most folks have been led to believe that there is an epidemic of “assault weapon” murders. According to the FBI, murders with all types of rifles is down not up. That’s even though the number of privately owned semi-automatic rifles has increased dramatically over the last several years.

    1. studi30 says:

      15 million registered ARs and AKs which have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car. We know this because the BATF&E controls the importation, manufacture and distribution of all firearms in the US. They also license and inspect all gun dealers.

  2. Voice_of_Reason says:

    What is it with liberals and their weird and conspiratorial view of the NRA?

    The NRA is 5,000,000 people joined together to support 2nd amendment civil rights. It’s not some external “mind control” agency that somehow makes people commit violent acts. NRA members tend to be very law abiding. And the NRA isn’t somehow helping criminals get guns.

    1. studi30 says:

      The NRA are just 5 million of the 100 million gun owners, one third the population, with 450 million guns, the most civilian gun ownership in the world. There are 15 million AR and AK so called assault weapons registered to citizens which have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car. There are 15 million citizens in 42 states with legal carry permits. One million+ are back and 3 million+ are women. There are never riots or much crime in those states.

      1. Voice_of_Reason says:

        I agree with you, mostly. however there ARE riots and crime in states that have CCW, but none of it is committed by CCW holders. It’s mostly perpetrated by ghetto thugs.
        A lawful CCW holder is 1/7th as likely to commit a violent felony as a police officer is.

        1. studi30 says:

          Yes, Ferguson was in a state with CCW. Ferguson was a gun free zone with a large ghetto population. Philadelphia is a gun free zone in the concealed carry state of Pennsylvania. A CCW holder isn’t likely to commit a violent crime or any crime at all. Chicago which is the gun murder capital of the US according to the DOJ is followed by Camden NJ at number two, Baltimore at number three and Newark NJ at number five. All are ghetto cities controlled by decades of Dims in states without concealed carry. A few years ago the state of Illinois got legal carry. Of course Chicago is still a gun free zone.

          1. Voice_of_Reason says:

            agree all. my point is that libs like to point out high crime in many southern and midwestern states with CCW, but they hide the fact that the crime is most concentrated in black ghettos.

          2. studi30 says:

            In 2015 in Chicago, 2700+ blacks shot 2700+ blacks with illegal handguns, 450 died according to the DOJ. The FBI has named Chicago the illegal gun murder capital of the US for a third year in a row. The ghetto of Camden NJ is number two, Baltimore is number three and Newark NJ is number five. All those cities suffer from decades of Dim government and are in states without legal carry. Actually Illinois just became a carry state a few years ago, but Chicago is a gun free zone, unless you are a criminal or thug.

  3. Josiah Longknife says:

    May a dog of islam mistake her for a willing goat.

  4. studi30 says:

    When the police pulled up on Tamir Rice they came as close as possible to protect others around from being shot by Rice. They and everyone else didn’t know if the gun was real. Since everything happens in a matter of seconds, the police who want to go home after their shift, are trained to shoot. There are YouTube videos of 12 and 13 year old black kids pointing real guns and doing drugs.

  5. Voice_of_Reason says:

    The author wrote, “Perhaps the White House should have done a more thorough background check on the teacher it invited to meet the president.”

    I beg to differ. Obama shows who he really supports by his comments and the people who he associates with. Convicted terrorists. A black racist preacher. A hate-filled anti-gun nut. muslim sympathizers.

  6. Voice_of_Reason says:

    BHO sure loves people who hate America.

    And he sure loves to lecture Americans who love America.

  7. gatorbait51 says:

    Anyone thinking this oxygen thief wasn’t well known to the regime is either sarcastic or delusional. They knew what they were picking to meet Dear leader .

  8. Kim Woodle says:

    The San Bernadino shooters did NOT post threats or anything radical publically on social media. But blame the White House anyway. And compare complaints about police shootings to terrorism.

    1. studi30 says:

      Kim Woodle, open your eyes. The San Bernadino murders were Muslim terrorists. The husband was born in the US and obtained his guns legally because he was part of our society. He was a “sleeper”, someone who has been in the country for decades. His wife was known to have ISIS sympathies and yet our government let her into the country anyway. Since 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood has said that Islam will take over the US very slowly. Muslim terrorists are very patient people. They grow the Muslims in the country who fit in very well as US citizens until one day, we are overrun.

      1. Kim Woodle says:

        In a discussion about police shootings, trolls talk nonsense about Obama letting “known” ISIS sympathizers into the country. How about a discussion about how they “obtained” assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition more easily in the US than could have anywhere else in the world?

        1. studi30 says:

          He obtained the rifles and ammo legally because he was an American citizen without a record. Didn’t I post that? Did you read what I posted? The gun store that sold the weapons to him called the NICS System for a background check, the National Instant Check System run by the FBI since 2004, for an instant yes or no on the sale. There are presently 15 million registered AR and AK so called assault rifles in civilian hands in the US and Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than all of them put together. There are 100 million registered gun owners in the US, one third the population, with 450 million registered firearms, the most civilian gun ownership in the world. The WHO ranks the US at 111th in murders per 100,000 population. At 4.7 murders per 100,000 with all weapons not just guns, the 110 countries above us DON’T PERMIT CIVILIAN GUN OWNERSHIP AT ALL. There are 15 million citizens with legal carry permits in 42 states. One million blacks and 3 million women carry legally in the US.

        2. studi30 says:

          If you have 10,000 M&Ms and you know that 10 are poison, but not which ones, do you feed them to your children? Obama wants to let 10,000 Syrian refugees into the US. As Trump said, unless you can vet them that is very dangerous, and since you can’t contact the government of Syria which doesn’t exist anymore, you can’t check them. ISIS says they will send in terrorists to the US in those refugees. They have already infiltrated Europe and the attack in Paris is an example. Open your eyes.

  9. Unimpressed says:

    Its incredibly hypocritical that the same people that supported the leveling of loaded guns at law enforcement in Nevada are clutching pearls some salty language was leveled at certain police for shooting unarmed children.

    1. studi30 says:

      There are 21,000 gun laws on the books, both federal and state, not being enforced right now. There are 100 million registered gun owners in the US, one third the population with 450 million registered guns, the most civilian gun ownership in the world who have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car. The WHO ranks the US at 111th in murders per 100,000 population. Wit 4.7 murders per 100,000 with all weapons not only guns the other 110 countries above us don’t permit civilian gun ownership at all. In 2014, the year of the latest figures from the FBI, there were 14,000 murders, 9,000 by gun. 80% of those murders were black on black, and gang and criminal murder made up most of the murders.

      1. Unimpressed says:

        FBI says you are almost more likely to be killed in an argument with a gun owner than by a criminal during the commission of crime See chart: Felony Type Total < Other Argument – and according to FBI only 667 of the 8124 homicides are attributable to gang violence (also in the chart) #MathISHard

        1. studi30 says:

          If you got that you are more likely to get killed in an argument with a gun owner from that FBI post, you better stop playing with yourself so much.

          1. Unimpressed says:

            its simple math- homicides during a felony are fewer than homicides during arguments and please stop thinking about my putz.

  10. Tatiana Covington says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Nebraska’s outline looks like a GUN!!!!!

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