Police on high alert after learning more about Philly cop shooter

Law Enforcement officials in Philadelphia are on high alert after they received a tip that Edward Archer, the man who shot Officer Jesse Hartnet, may be part of a bigger group conspiring to target police.

According to police a woman approached a Philadelphia police officer on the street and told them Archer “had an affiliation to a group with radical beliefs,” the Associated Press reported.

Philadelphia authorities said they are working with the FBI to determine the credibility of the threat but in the interim will require its officers to work in pairs.

Meanwhile on Saturday a police officer working security at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center for the recovering officer was ambushed, according to the Associated Press.

A man approached the officer before he entered the hospital and told him he was hungry and the officer gave the man $5.

The same approached the officer by the emergency room doors later and tried to grab the policeman’s handgun from his holster.

The officer was able to stop the suspect with the help of other officers and hospital security.

Police said he wanted the gun to rob a store.

Carmine Sabia


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