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White House ripped for 2-word response to jihadist shooting of Philly cop

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Megyn Kelly Charles KrauthammerPresident Obama can’t wait to get in front of cameras when a police officer shoots a minority suspect but when it comes to an officer being shot by a radical Muslim jihadist, silence prevails.

The White House still has yet to give an official response to the shooting of Philadelphia police Officer Jesse Hartnett by 30-year-old terrorist Edward Archer, unless you count what it told Fox News host Megyn Kelly when she asked for a statement.

“No comment.”

The simple two-word response really tells you everything you need to know about where this administration stands.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer laced into the administration for its lack of response on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Friday.

“With any other administration we would be astonished. But with this administration we’re not,” he said. “It’s because they don’t want to say what everybody understands, what the nature of this was.”

He also lambasted Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney who rushed to say the attack had “nothing to do with being a Muslim.”

“It’s good to know that the mayor of that city is a Koranic scholar,” Krauthammer quipped.

“The idea that it has nothing, in any way, to do with Islam, is absurd and it makes — what it does is it drains any authority figure of any authority because it is so ridiculous,” he said.

Watch the segment below.

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