Obama’s ‘fully vetted’ refugees? Terror suspect’s wife says he’s innocent, ‘he loves America’


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The FBI isn’t buying the wife of a Houston terror suspect’s story that ‘he loves America,” leaving Americans wondering if that’s President Obama‘s idea of “fully vetted.”

Haenne Al Kokiss, the wife of accused terror supporter Omar Al Hardan, denies her husband is a terrorist.

“He loves America. I love America too. He was so happy because he came to America,” she said. “He loves America too much. I love America too much.”

Al Hardan, a 24-year-old described by the FBI as a “Palestinian born in Iraq,” was arrested and charged with three counts of providing “material support to the Islamic State” Thursday. He made his first appearance in federal court Friday, according to television station KHOU.

Al Hardan arrived in the United States in 2009, along with his entire family, as Iraqi refugees, who say they are shocked to learn of his arrest.

“My family, everyone in my family doesn’t like ISIS. I don’t like ISIS. Why? Big problem ISIS,” said brother Saeed Al Hardan.

Watch the video:

Al Kokiss believes investigators won’t find anything on the couple’s computers and phones, which were seized by authorities. With the Obama administration ultra-sensitive to calling anything Islamic terrorism, preferring to remain focused on gun control, it appears likely the FBI would only make an arrest on very solid evidence.

Republican Rep. Ted Poe, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, whose district includes parts of Houston, reacted in a statement:

Terror has come to Houston. Thankfully law enforcement caught Al Hardan before it was too late. We may not always be that lucky. This case proves that the FBI director was right—we cannot properly vet refugees.


Many Americans get it. When will the president stop pretending?


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Steve Berman

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9 thoughts on “Obama’s ‘fully vetted’ refugees? Terror suspect’s wife says he’s innocent, ‘he loves America’

  1. HOFFHACK says:

    Again, TRUMP IS RIGHT!

    1. tedlv says:

      How did Trump enter the discussion?

      1. HOFFHACK says:

        Where have you been hiding? In a cave?

  2. Pam says:

    Mr. (my muslim faith) Soetoro will NEVER halt the influx of terrorists. They are a key element in his plan to destroy “white America”!

  3. SusieQ says:

    Obama is bringing in these “refugees” and nothing but an act from Congress will stop him. He is settling them in primarily red states for a reason. 680,000 from mostly muslim countries to date given green cards. All under his watch. Not counting the 10,000 he is bringing in now and the money aside in the budget deal for 85,000 more. Then you still have others pouring over the border. Out of the news but it is still happening.

    So where are the opponents of all this in Congress. Take the money away now !

  4. Mary Brown says:

    Vetted my ass! Are you a terrorist? “Yes!” Welcome to the USA!

  5. AFlaVet says:

    Another “American loving” breeder cow in a baggie.

  6. cmjay says:

    They “love America” so does Michelle Obama – now that she is able to take lavish vacations and stay in fancy hotels with her parasite relatives on the Taxpayers’ money.

  7. cmjay says:

    This is what’s coming to America if we don’t stop Obama from importing thousands of these ISLAMIC RAPE FUGEES. The EUROPEANS are now just finding out.

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