Hillary ordered one of her minions to break the law, WH won’t comment

Hillary Clinton ordered her aides to have classified information sent to her “nonsecure” when her advisor told her they were having trouble sending via secure fax, newly released emails reveal.

The latest tranche of emails from Clinton’s private server, released on New Year’s Eve, included an exchange between the former Secretary of State and senior advisor Jake Sullivan in June of 2011.


Image: State Department

Sullivan told Clinton “they’ve had issues sending secure fax.” Instead of protecting classified information, which almost certainly would be involved if secure encryption is used, Clinton chose to simply ignore the rules.

“If they can’t, turn into non paper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” she emailed. In many hostile countries that routinely spy on America, that absolutely guarantees classified information falling into enemy hands.

Of course, all these emails were sent using a non-government server hosted in a bathroom, so security was never a priority anyway.

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon denied that the information was classified to CBS News’ Nancy Cordes. “It is false that Hillary Clinton asked for classified material to be sent over a nonsecure system,” Fallon said.

The White House remained mum on the issue.



Steve Berman

Steve Berman

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26 thoughts on “Hillary ordered one of her minions to break the law, WH won’t comment

  1. BTeboe says:

    HilLIARy lied. Who else is shocked?

  2. tsigili says:

    Hillary has no business even running. She is too corrupt to elect.

  3. HOFFHACK says:

    Another smoking gun that should land her in jail, but probably won’t!

    1. tedlv says:

      If I had even one classified document where it shouldn’t be, I would be in jail awaiting trial. Why is she different? America is not what it once was. We have a ruling class now, just like the England we separated from.

      1. freedomringsforall says:

        Absolute amen to that tedly

        Oh geez I can’t think of the name of the position of the person within the agency that is supposed to do the independent auditing; but their latest report even testifies to the fact that Hillary was acting illegally just having the state department emailing on a private email without backup to the secure department of state system.
        I have been saying that for what a couple of years now. ——

        Hillary can be put away for the rest of her life just for the crimes she has already publically admitted to.

        There is no need at all to “debate” anything in regards to classified information or the handling of it at all at this point.

        If someone wants to pursue that they can take all the time in the world to do that while she is rotting away in prison for the rest of her life for the crimes she has already publically confessed to.

        It is a fact that it is illegal for hillary to even be using any private device to do Department of State business without it being backed up to the Department of State secure servers to do any Department of State business because those documents and communications that are now considered electronic documents by the U.S. Government are solely and wholly owned by the United States Government and not the employee of the Government until the
        United States Government determines otherwise (no exception).

        So, when she stated that she “gave” 30,000 Department of State business emails to the Department of State approximately 2 years after leaving office only after media and freedom of information law suites pushed her to she actually publically admitted to potentially 100,000 felonies or possibly many, many more against the U.S. government and thus the citizens of
        the United States of America.

        30,000 felonies for illegally harboring the 30,000 electronic U.S. Government owned documents and not even backing them up to or transacting them on a NARA approved Department of State secure server.

        30,000 felonies for illegally not turning over those 30,000 electronic U.S. Government owned documents upon the end of her tenure at the Department of State.

        Then how many potential thousands and thousands felonies, by her and her associates, for every one of the Government business related emails that were transacted on the server by her government assistants and employees and associates.

        Then how many potential felonies for every one of those emails not turned over upon the end of her and their tenure at State.

        Then how many potential 10s of thousands of felonies for other Government Business emails not admitted to having been transacted on the server that were and that might be realized if the FBI can get hold of the server and forensically determine the extent of the actual usage of the server over her and her associate’s tenure at State.

        Then how many potential felonies are attributable to her,and her associates, because of the actions and behavior of intentionally hiding and circumventing the Law of the NARA systems and procedures with regards to her job at State and her departure and her actions following (and those of her associates).

        What has been publically confessed to by Hillary Clinton herself should alone put her in prison for the rest of her life if the Department of Justice and a Judge and/or Jury were serious about her crimes that she has already admitted to.

        Praise God!
        Long Live the Republic!

    2. SusieQ says:

      I have heard because of the seriousness of this matter now it could be taken out of the hands of the Injustice Department. We’ll see how this pans out.

      1. HOFFHACK says:

        I hope that is true, but I don’t see how. And don’t be too sure about Obama pardoning her! Willie might just ask him to keep her in jail!

        1. SusieQ says:

          I wish now I had written the conversation down on Mark Levin’s broadcast and who exactly said it. I have Mark Levin’s shows on an app that pertains to just his programs so I’ll have to try and find and review that discourse which was recent. Let you know if I do.

          If you find anything please let me know.

          1. HOFFHACK says:

            I am a 65 year old geezer with a dumb phone who does not even know what an app is! Guess I’ll have to ask a 5 year old! (lmao)

          2. SusieQ says:

            Oh gosh, sixty five is not old. You did make me giggle on that one though.

            The app I have allows me to listen to all of Levin’s broadcasts at my leisure. I love it.
            Go get a smart phone and get some apps you’ll love it.

          3. HOFFHACK says:

            Did you see that DT is on the cover of TIME Magazine with a very positive story, and the by line: “HOW TRUMP WON!” IN FRONT OF ABOUT 10,000 PEOPLE?

          4. SusieQ says:

            No I didn’t see that but for once I agree with Time, maybe moving out of the position that is against the people of this country. I never hold my breath for the lib media though.

      2. Herbert Dunwash says:

        Susie, where did you hear that? I didn’t know that was even possible.

        1. SusieQ says:

          I heard that on the Mark Levin program and somewhere else in passing. I am going to look more up on the subject. I don’t know how reliable it is but that would be the only way to prosecute her I believe.

          If you find out more about this please let me know, I would appreciate it.

          1. Herbert Dunwash says:

            Will do.

          2. SusieQ says:

            Thank you. I do hope there is another way to bypass Loretta Lynch. I was very surprised to hear this stated also.

        2. SusieQ says:

          I have looked online and can’t find a reference for that statement . I am going to listen again to some of those broadcasts to take note of that conversation.

      3. Mary Brown says:

        Next time the house has her testifying the Sargent at Arms can arrest her and toss her in the congressional jail!

        1. SusieQ says:

          I wish.

        2. Herbert Dunwash says:

          Right. The house could impeach and trial by the senate.

  4. LittleRoot_48 says:

    She is LONG OVERDUE a jail cell. Until she gets one, I will have no faith in the justice system .

  5. Truth says:

    I read an article lately that said, if the FBI has the evidence to indict and she is elected President, Obama will block an indictment. If she is not elected, Obama will give the green light to indict. What kind of society do we live in, a Banana Republic? Since when does being elected make you immune to punishment for crimes that there is plenty of evidence of? Didn’t we get enough of this justice evasion from Bubba Clinton? If there is evidence, then INDICT, regardless of the election. If Obama resists, then HE should be indicted for obstruction of justice. America, don’t take this lying down! If they try to sweep her crimes under the rug, every justice seeking American should go to Washington and STOP HER INAUGARATION using civil disobedience and whatever means we have.

  6. monacall says:

    these journalist aren’t journalist anymore they are entertainer’s….no one ask any good questions, like where are the emails from the white house to hilllbery…ya know there has to be some from her friend when he isn’t on the golf course or at least from Valerie garett….

  7. H-BOMB Clinton is Criminal who belongs in the BIG HOUSE immediately…NOT THE WHITE HOUSE

  8. Herbert Dunwash says:

    DOJ You think it’s time to start prosecuting yet???

  9. Mary Brown says:

    Toss her in a jail cell already! She is a flight risk!

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