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Armed robbery goes bad for criminal; fed-up owner chases him out of the store

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Adil al KhafajiAn armed robber got a lot more than he bargained for from a store owner in Cranston, Rhode Island on Friday.

The thief entered the store and pulled out a gun but the owner, Adil al Khafaji, was ready for him.

Al Khafaji, an Iraqi immigrant who worked as security for U.S. contractors in Iraq before coming to America, grabbed his baseball bat and chased the thug out of the store.

“He say, ‘Give it up.’I say, ‘Give up what?’ He say, ‘Give it up,'” al Khafaji told NECN. “Then, he start swearing me, swearing my mother. I say, ‘I will show you.’ Then, I chase him out with my baseball bat and he took off.”

He told NECN he had been robbed at gunpoint before and had enough.

“I’m deciding no take it no more,” he said. “This is my store. I have to protect my property.”

He even laughed when watching back the video with NECN reporter Brian Crandall.

“I just want nobody to come here to try to rob me because I’m ready for everybody,” he told Crandall.

The suspect is still at large.

Watch the report below.

[wpvideo v9RpoQud]

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