What’d he say? Journalist can’t believe how man says he’d spend Powerball winnings

If the answer may be embarrassing, don’t ask the question.

Earlier this week, when the Powerball jackpot stood at $500 million, Las Vegas Fox 5 News sent reporter Ophelia Young out to interview customers.

When one customer admitted that his chances of winning were “slim to none,” Young gave him the odds: “One out of 292 million.”

“I knew it,” the customer said.

“Could I ask you, if you won all the money, what would you do with it?” Young asked.

What he says is surprising, but apparently honest. “Bunch of hookers and cocaine,” he bluntly answered.

Young nervously laughed and said, “We were hoping for a different answer.”

No one won the jackpot Wednesday, and it has since risen to an estimated $800 million.

Watch it all here.


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