Juan Williams PUMMELED in heated gun debate; finally cries ‘uncle’

Does Juan Williams ever get tired of having his proclamations destroyed by facts and logic?

Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch made mincemeat of the liberal columnist and Fox news contributor Thursday on the subject of gun control.

Fox News host Sean Hannity noted The Associated Press had reported none of the executive actions the president is taking would have stopped any instance of a mass shooting.

“When you see little children slaughtered, maybe it touches your heart, Sean.” Williams said.

“It touches my heart so much that I think every school district in the country needs retired policemen and military professionals,” Hannity said.

Loesch argued defensive gun use outweighs guns used in criminal activities.

“You’re looking at 500 thousand to 3.3 million instances of defensive gun use per year,” she said.

When Williams claimed Republican lawmakers were to blame that more stringent gun control measures haven’t made it through Congress, Loesch shot back, “Harry Reid’s not a Republican. He took the assault weapons ban out of the gun bill.”

Williams claimed everyone is afraid of the National Rifle Association, and went on to call the NRA an “extremist group.”

When Williams said he wanted to keep firearms out of the hands of children, Hannity indicated that he’d had guns from the age of 11.

That stopped him in his tracks.

“Eleven years old?” he asked with a shocked expression. “Did you grow up in the woods?”

The argument ended when Williams admitted defeat, and said he would want an armed Hannity with him in the event of a shooting.

“Checkmate,” the host said.

Watch the exchange, via Fox News.

Afterwards Hannity tweeted — and got these replies:

One final note: While Wikipedia lists the United States as the number one country in per capita gun ownership, we didn’t even make the top 100 in per capita murder rate.


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