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Cyber expert testifies: Clinton’s server exposed classified material

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DC-NEWS 300X71By Ethan Barton

Home-brew servers located at personal residences holding sensitive or classified information — like that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — are extremely vulnerable to hackers, a cyber expert told two congressional subcommittees Friday.

House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith asked Telos Corporation CEO and Chairman John Wood if private servers and email accounts identical to those used by the Democratic presidential front-runner create a security risk.

“Yes,” Wood told the the Science Committee’s Research and Technology and Oversight subcommittees.

Smith also asked how Telos — an international cybersecurity firm — would handle such a case, were someone like Clinton a client.

“We wouldn’t do it,” Wood said. “You are exposing classified material in the open. That would be imprudent and would also be illegal. The government requirement is that all official information be used through official means.”

Hillary sent or received 1,319 emails with now-classified information, The Hill reported Thursday.


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