‘Comic book joke’: NY Daily News will never be taken seriously again

Perhaps it’s just poor attempts at humor, but the audacious headlines being churned out by the New York Daily News is starting to seriously grate on people.

It’s political ideology run amok.

The Daily News’ most recent look on social media at the next morning’s front page prompted one user to refer to the newspaper as “a f***king comic book joke.”

The recurrent effort Tuesday featured a prejudicial headline tagging the GOP as the “Party of Pro-Death” for standing firm against President Obama’s latest encroachment on the Second Amendment.

The aforementioned response — strong language and all — is a good sign that the newspaper may want to rethink the strategy, unless the goal is simply to annoy the hell out of its customer base:

Turns out, “Leon” has lots of company, with one user noting that the Daily News’ over-the-top bias — which ignores the millions of deaths at Planned Parenthood facilities — is a sign the newspaper has given up on the “whole journalism thingy.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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