Reporter DESTROYS WH press secretary on gun control for leaving out KEY fact


Twitter / Emily Miller

President Obama‘s press secretary cited “30,000 gun deaths in America” as the reason his boss should end-run Congress to implement new gun controls–but he omitted a key fact.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest answered a reporter’s question if there was any opposition to the president’s plan to take executive action to close a so-called “gun show loophole” while making private gun sales more difficult for citizens. Looking down at his talking points, he started reeling off statistics about gun deaths, police shot, and other violent crimes committed with guns.

But he missed the part where 20,000 of those gun deaths were by suicide, according to Washington D.C. reporter Emily Miller of FOX5 News and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun.”

It’s not hard to take down the White House’s talking points when you actually know what you’re talking about.

Other Twitter users chime in citing Centers for Disease Control numbers.

Miller also challenged Earnest to tell her how many crimes a year are done by guns bought at gun shows.

To be accurate, the answer is zero, because guns don’t commit crimes, people do. A better question might be how many criminals buy firearms at gun shows, surrounded by law-abiding citizens and police officers? Or how many criminals follow background check laws?

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Steve Berman

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53 thoughts on “Reporter DESTROYS WH press secretary on gun control for leaving out KEY fact

  1. Bruce Clingaman says:

    We have a tendency to seek a scapegoat for senseless crimes. We should be careful not to stereotype the mentally ill less they receive even worse treatment and so exacerbate their plight. A very small percentage of the mentally ill are a danger to others. Major Depression is becoming more common place especially with our veterans and we risk isolating them even further if we impulsively blame the mentally ill in general.

  2. cathy herford says:

    it was black lives matter that are killing the cops,,if they did there job and aressted that group there would not be that may cops die,,the white people are not killing them..,obama is responsible for the cops death by pushing rasism

  3. Asok Asus says:

    President Trump has vowed that on his first day in office, he will revoke this EO and every other unconstitutional EO issued by Obama. It would be even better if President Trump simply revoked ALL of Obama’s EOs with Trump Presidential EO #1, and then reissued any that actually might some merit.

  4. GuateNY says:

    i wonder what Josh Earnest the spokesanus will do when Obama is out of office? He is suited for just about nothing, unless lying is a job skill.

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