‘I love that man!’ Trump points out supporter at ‘YUGE’ and WILD rally for wearing THIS shirt

Donald Trump rallies are anything but boring.

Despite freezing temperatures excited Trump supporters came out to support their candidate on Monday, outdrawing Hillary Clinton by thousands.

While Clinton drew about 600 attendees in Des Moines, Iowa, the Republican presidential front-runner drew about 12 times more in 19 degree Lowell, Massachusetts at the Paul Tsongas Center, including one man who was stopped because he had a pocket full of handgun ammunition, according to the Daily Mail.

Hecklers interrupted Trump’s speech several times but, as usual, Trump handled them in his own style.

As a group of three were escorted out of the rally Trump looked at the crowd and exclaimed “Get em out!”

“Isn’t this more fun than a regular boring rally?” he asked the crowd before adding “right now they’re being sent out into the cold.”

As another heckler was escorted out by police after chanting just one slogan Trump compared the protesters to Hillary Clinton, the Mail reported.

“They remind me a little bit of Hillary,” he said. “No energy, no stamina, no strength.”

Trump played to the crowd throughout the night asking one man to stand so everyone could see his shirt that featured a picture of Trump and New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady with the slogan “For the win.”

“Oh, I love that man. … Stand up. It says Trump and Tom Brady, look — together,” Trump said to the delighted New England crowd. “I love Tom Brady. I love him.”

“Remember this: Tom Brady injured is still better than anybody else,” he added. “That is the coolest shirt. I got to get one of those shirts. Look at that guy. Turn around. Show that to those cameras. They won’t put it up. … That is beautiful. I love that.”

And the crowd played up to Trump too.

At one point two young girls stood on their chairs and “chanted “Build that wall!”

At another a man yelled “Obama sucks!”

‘You see, I’m not allowed to say that,’ Trump mused. ‘So – good job! Ah, that’s beautiful!’

Watch a clip below and check out some pictures from social media of the gigantic crowd.

Carmine Sabia


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