Left-wingers ‘dreaming of a bloodbath’ in Oregon militia case

In his push to take unilateral action on gun control, President Obama is sure to welcome the help being offered by armed militia members in Oregon.

And nothing would hurry that along quicker than an ensuing bloodbath, as some on social media believe the left — and at least one writer for New York Magazine — are dreaming of.

Protesting what they call gross government overreach, the militia members occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, on Saturday in support of rancher Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven, who were ordered back to prison to finish a five-year term for committing arson on federal land.

A spokesman for the group said there has been no contact with the FBI or other federal agencies since the occupation began, according to Fox News.

A driving force behind the protest is Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who had his own clash with federal agents two years ago. The younger Bundy said if the government tries to end the occupation with force “they would be putting lives at risk.”

Fox News reported that an attorney for the Hammond family said they can speak for themselves and do not want the help of the militia members.


One local reporter on the scene confirmed on social media that no law enforcement was present at the time, and another posted photos of events on the ground:

Much to the chagrin of the left, who appear to be rooting for a bloodbath, federal agents are not storming the facility.

Such an outcome appears to be the preference of Jonathan Chait, a writer for New York magazine, based on his response to a tweet from a reporter who said a second Cliven Bundy son, Ryan, said they’re willing to kill and be killed if necessary.

Always quick to take advantage of a crisis, the left would jump at the opportunity to use the incident in their push for more stringent gun control laws … and to reinforce the shaky claim that the Black Lives Matter movement is made up of “peaceful protesters.”

But then, the left calling for a bloodbath is nothing new, according to social media users:

Ryan Bundy explained the demands of the militia-backed group in a phone interview with The Oregonian:

“The best possible outcome is that the ranchers that have been kicked out of the area… will come back and reclaim their land, and the wildlife refuge will be shut down forever and the federal government will relinquish such control. What we’re doing is not rebellious. What we’re doing is in accordance with the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.”

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


81 thoughts on “Left-wingers ‘dreaming of a bloodbath’ in Oregon militia case

  1. CallingBatman says:

    There is no court that would entertain the arguments these people are putting forward as anything but delusional. There is no way that any law enforcement entity could tolerate law breakers who argue that their law breaking is special and should be supported. If that can stand, any burglar could make the same argument and not be bound over to jail. Either we have laws or we don’t. That is in fact, why we have a Constitution. It is a framework for a system of laws. Laws. Not rationalizations.

    1. John Campbell says:

      Odd that a Militia made up of former soldiers from WW II managed to break into a guard armory, took what they needed, then proceeded to remove both the Sheriff and Mayor from office because of their corruption, then returned the weapons to the armory, and went home peacefully. The Militia were never charged and the former sheriff and Mayor were out of a job and looking for better quarters than the cells they once filled with innocent people and stole from.

      What makes this any different?

      1. CallingBatman says:

        It doesn’t. Their cause may have been noble, or perhaps they just didn’t like the mayor and sheriff, but their actions were still illegal. You either have rule of law or mob rule and even though the mob might be right sometimes, at some point they’re just going to start lynching people they don’t like.

        1. John Campbell says:

          So you claim, but that’s not how the courts saw it. :o)

          1. CallingBatman says:

            If you’re talking about Athens TN, the courts didn’t prosecute them. Speaking of TN in 1946 and groups of veterans trying to break into an armory to dispense justice, you might look up what happened in Columbia TN the same year as Athens.

          2. John Campbell says:

            That’s right. The court didn’t prosecute. Thank you for that admission. :o)

          3. CallingBatman says:

            I was aware i was being tried! Now perhaps you can acknowledge they never came to trial and therefore the courts never made a ruling? More importantly, for every Athens you can cite, I could cite you several dozen Columbias. You really don’t want to delve too deeply into mob actions in the segregated South in the 1940s do you? It’s a pretty ugly picture. Do you acknowledge that?

    2. Garys_opinion says:

      They did it in Ferguson and Baltimore. In fact that’s what Black Lives Matter is all about, getting special exemption for black lawbreakers!

      1. G Bert says:

        ‘Can’t help but note that Eric Holder’s DOJ started ignoring a lot of black lawbreaking back in 2009. Give ’em an inch…

        1. CallingBatman says:

          Yep, yep, yep. So you;re saying two (or more) wrongs somehow make this right? My point is that these jackasses are breaking the law. I wasn’t implying other jackasses have as well. Just because you have a grievance, even if that grievance has merit, doesn’t mean you can grab your buddies and some AR-15s and take over a bird sanctuary in a fit of pique.

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

        Maybe they should loot something?

    3. Guido FL says:

      “Either we have laws or we don’t ” What a sick joke as the Obama Mafia has ignored all laws that they do not agree with over and over again. This current administration is the most lawless in our nations history !

      1. CallingBatman says:

        OK. But does that justify these clowns breaking the law as well? I don’t like Obama, so can I camp out in your garage for a week and ask people to send me bags of Doritos by way of protest? Focus Guido.

    4. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012 says:

      Have you been out West? Have you been paying attention at all how much land the BLM/ Federal Government is gobbling up and taking control of not only State owned land but also private land that has been in families for centuries. Have you ever pulled up a map of the government owned land out west now and asked why does the federal government need all that land and what are their plans for it? Then look at the agenda 21 maps for restricted areas and buffer zones and put two and two together. They are trying to herd people right where they want everyone to be in several select places they consider sustainable locations and the rest of America is to be off limits. Why because to many people are spread out all over the place. Get them all herded into 10 or 12 general locations, its much easier to control the people when the time comes when we are already corralled together. Much easier to lock down 30 -50 mile radius.

      1. Nancy says:

        Much like the BLM is herding with helicopters the wild horsed and penning them up in corrals to live out their lives or selling them to unscrupulous men who are sending them to Mexican slaughter houses to have the throats slit and butchered for the meat. All in the name of “Protecting the wild horses”. The Federal law says these animals are to be protected not slaughtered and sold for profit.

        1. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012 says:

          Correct, But that stays pretty much hush, hush. Locals out there know about it but not too many more. Unless you happen to see it on a petition page, you likely won’t know its happening because the MSM is either willing hide what the government does or Obama is not giving approval to report on it. Last I read, we now rank 49th in the world for “Freedom of the Press”. Every year Obama has been in office we have dropped 5-8 spots per year.

          It’s getting very much like China is or was. When I was working in China, I would see a story reported on TV and then fly to Japan or Taiwan to catch my flight back to the States. While in Japan or Taiwan, I would get a completely different story of the event. China reports on about 20% of the story and edits the rest out giving a whole different idea of the event than what it really is. The news I get in the states was pretty consistent with what Japan or taiwan was reporting. America and most of the MSM is doing the same thing. Try to keep their people ignorant to the truth. Anymore, if I want the truth I cross reference the story told here in America with foreign news outlets. They (for the most part) are not biased and don’t have a liberal agenda to misled like they do in America.

      2. Mary Brown says:

        200 square foot apartments and slave labor!

        1. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012 says:

          yep, probably will be something on those lines. Will be much like flats (Apartments) like they have in Japan, Taiwan, sing sing, or S. Korea.

      3. Sunshine43 says:

        Well stated! TYVM!!!!

      4. CallingBatman says:

        Dear God, I grew up in the West. I absolutely know that the governors of most western states don’t actually administer the majority of acres in those states. Have you heard about Congress, state legislatures and changing laws? Are you aware you can do that rather than waving rifles and taking over bird sanctuaries? These #vanillaISIS guys won’t fix anything. The part about changing laws…I’m pretty sure it’s right there in the Constitution.

        1. NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012 says:

          Yes I’ve heard about Congress, it’s that branch of government that your king and messiah circumvents to make his majesty’s own laws as he and he alone sees fit. The legislatures made laws knowing full well what they intend to do with such laws. While I don’t agree completely with what the Bundy’s are doing on this particular instance or how they are going about it, you are going to see more and more of it. We the people are getting tired of the act that this government keeps taking against and not for its people. Government has managed to keep raising taxes on these ranchers knowing full well the result because little by little over the past few decades they have managed to acquire their land by charging outrageous amounts of property tax on these homesteads that have been in families for over centuries and every few years theses homesteads had once had thousands of acres and every few years they have to sell off 100 acres or so in order to pay their taxes or the government will come in and take the whole lot and guess whos there to buy that land they are selling? Low and behold its the government buying it up. If they can’t force them out they will tax them out until there is nothing left to sell in order to pay the taxes.

          Glad that you know and realize there is a Constitution which means there is a good chance that you likely know of another Document called the Declaration of Independence in which gives the solution to a tyrannical government such as we are seeing more and more these days. It is not only a right but a duty to throw off such governments. This deal the bundy’s are in is not that solution but it is a start and more and more people are waking up to the fact that government is no longer by the people and for the people. you speak of changing laws. Good luck with that. People have been trying to change certain laws for decades such as abortions laws and they are no closer today than they were in the 70’s, same with Obamacare. The ones changing laws are government and it is not by the request of the people in the manner in which the people want it changed. Obamacare was presented as a 2900+ page bill, since it has passed, that law has grown to some 26,000 pages last time I looked into it, by the government not by the people. Look at some of the EO’s of the 70’s, look at the Patriot Act and look at the NDAA. You think those are going to go away anytime soon. The Patriot act and the NDAA was created as a direct result of 9/11 supposedly due to terrorism. Obama had declared a few years ago that “The war on Terror” is over. So why didn’t they dissolve the Patriot act or the NDAA since it is no longer needed. According to Obama terrorism is a thing of the past because any terrorism that we see is considered workplace violence even though they say Allah akbar. Its not about a specific religion or that religions agenda, its workplace violence.

          1. CallingBatman says:

            Just because you want to change a law, such as abortion, doesn’t mean you’re going to get your way. We The People cuts both ways, NObama – there are 300 million+ of us and agree or not, most polls indicate the majority don’t want to change the abortion laws. That’s the way republics work. It you like your country administered from a single viewpoint, you would be better off under a monarchy or dictatorship. I despise Kim il-Sung, but I gotta hand it to the little ferret – he’s decisive.
            BTW, since I do know an actual rancher or two, I’d point out to you that the grazing fees the Feds charge are way under market rate. Privatize at your own risk cowboy. I have no idea how a bunch of teary eyed religious nuts taking over a bird sanctuary established in 1908 relate to ObamaCare, but whatever floats your boat.

    5. emiliani says:

      “Either we have laws or we don’t”.

      I think most of us agree with that comment. However, when folks like you seem so irate about one form of illegal trespassing, that has cost taxpayers ZERO dollars (and led to 0 deaths and rapes), and so apathetic to another form of illegal trespassing, that costs us tens of billions of dollars annually (and has led to scores of deaths and rapes), we start to wonder about your hypocrisy. When did you discover your sudden concern about lawlessness?

      We “either have laws or we don’t” seems to apply to these yokels but not to the President or to his POS hacks ruining the country with their lawlessness.

      We arrest and incarcerate “coyotes” bringing 2 dudes into the country illegally in their car trunk for 3-7 years, but a President who illegally waives deportations by Executive Amnesty, gets re-elected and lauded for his compassion!

      How about you hold our POTUS to the same standard of law that you hold these yokels you’re condemning!!

      1. Nancy says:

        Couldn’t have said it better.

      2. Sue says:

        And don’t forget if the Hammonds hadn’t “illegally Trespassed” the Federal lands would have burned, and wildlife been displaced or dead! This is ridiculous! Coming from a large ranching family, with ranches in 2 states, a rancher will ALWAYS cross a fence or border to STOP a fire! The Hammonds should have been commended and NOT condemned!

        1. LittleRoot_48 says:

          The ranchers put a fire out. B. Hussein Obama prefers thugs who start fires when they are looting and pillaging.

          1. Sunshine43 says:

            Yes yes yes! You are spot on!

        2. Sunshine43 says:

          Amen! It was not arson, it was a backfire, the Hammonds SAVED THE LAND! Geez, how stupid can some people be?!

          1. CallingBatman says:

            Which has nothing to do with this situation. The Hammonds have explicitly distanced themselves from these idiots.

        3. CallingBatman says:

          Which has nothing to do with this situation. The Hammonds have explicitly distanced themselves from these idiots. Are mandatory sentences stupid? Yep. Whatever their motives in starting those fires, terrorism definitely wasn’t one of them. No argument there.

      3. CallingBatman says:

        Folks like me? WTF? Do we actually know each other? Why would you assume that because I refuse to take these #vanillaISIS clowns seriously as patriots that I somehow support illegal immigration? Did I say that? Projecting just a bit?

        1. emiliani says:

          Yes, I know you. I’m your dad. And I need you to move out of the basement by February 1.

          And I mean it this time.

          1. CallingBatman says:

            Too late you old fart. I’m taking you back to the home and this time you’re staying there.

          2. emiliani says:

            Go pick a switch in the backyard, Calling … you’re about to realize how jealous you are of Adrian Peterson’s chil’ren!!!!

    6. dennodog says:

      calling b.s…….

      1. CallingBatman says:

        Now that you’ve called it, how about explaining it?

        1. dennodog says:

          Sure. Your “sky is falling” bleat about “mob lynching”.

          1. CallingBatman says:

            Because we all know mobs have never lynched anyone. Especially not in the South. And certainly not in the 1940s. Except…oh wait, they did. Many times. That response was to the gentleman referencing Athens, TN. I am not suggesting these faux “patriots” intend to lynch anyone. They probably couldn’t figure out how to tie the noose. Nope, they’ll just use guns if it comes to it. Huge difference I guess.

          2. dennodog says:

            Right. Nothing has changed since the 40’s. Your liberal bias is showing. The best you can do is throw out some generic “fact” about an incident(s) from 80 years ago. Then you move on to suppose that “they” will now just revert to “using guns”. Please site some examples of your b.s. statement. The way I recall a few incidents of late is that the GOVERNMENT agents were the ones killing men women and children. Waco and Ruby Ridge ring a bell?

          3. CallingBatman says:

            Hey, he’s the one that brought up Athens 1946 as a shining example of mob justice. And in fairness there are a few, just not many and the vast majority of the time, the mobs did injustices. Where’s the “liberal bias” in saying that? For every Ruby Ridge – sorry I don’t include Waco in that list – how many violent lawbreakers are killed or arrested every day 24x7x365 by government agents? It ain’t faux patriots that are running jails, courts and prisons and truth be told, you’re probably glad the vast majority of prisoners are in prisons and not out on the streets. I know I am. These #vanillaISIS clowns aren’t patriots, they’re a bunch of self-righteous nitwits, many of them collecting government pensions, some of them claiming military service they never had. I consider myself a law and order kind of conservative and an armed occupation of a bird sanctuary in my opinion violates commonly accepted principles of law and order.

    7. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

      When did Obama and liberal democRAT politicians start obeying the United States Constitution? I must not have been watching enough cable news.

      1. Sunshine43 says:

        Tee hee, that was funny sir! And, thank you, thank you, thank you for your service! Blessings.

      2. CallingBatman says:

        How does one in some way justify the other? Nice try at deflection though.

    8. Rick Caird says:

      Really? How does that differ from the “occupy” movements and the occupation of the Wisconsin capital building???

      1. tedlv says:

        Because the ranchers have a legal, richeous cause.

        1. Rick Caird says:

          My point was that it does not differ. Hence, when the left approved of the “occupation” in Madison and in NYC, they cannot turn around and call this one “terrorism”. Of course, the left has never cared about being consistent, only about finding a political talking point and stretching it to the point of hyperbole.

          1. CallingBatman says:

            I don’t consider myself part of the Left. I think all of these occupations are trespassing that go well beyond peacefully assembly. That said, I believe there’s just a tad bit of difference between peaceful protestors going the civil disobedience route and a bunch of armed religious nuts implying they’re willing to kill and/or die for their beloved bird sanctuary.

          2. Rick Caird says:

            And I would disagree in that the building at the sanctuary is unoccupied unlike the building in Madison and the square in NYC.

          3. CallingBatman says:

            I don’t follow your logic. It’s still the unlawful takeover of a public building by a bunch of self righteous jerks. I’ll grant you occupying a largely deserted nature preserve in the boonies is less disruptive than a bunch of clowns banging on paint buckets on Wall St, but wrong is wrong isn’t it? BTW, the Occupy people got their start at about the same time as the Tea Party. One group organized, worked within the system and gained significant political influence. The other group banged on paint buckets. I equate these #vanillaISIS clowns with the Occupy people in terms of effectiveness.

          4. Rick Caird says:

            I was not asking about right or wrong. I was asking about the difference between the three movements. I submit there is no difference between Madison, Occupy, and this one. The people condemning Oregon cannot simultaneously support Madison and the Occupy movement without being hypocritical.

          5. CallingBatman says:

            I don’t support any of them. You?

        2. CallingBatman says:

          What makes their cause any more “legal” and “Constitutional” than others and how does that justify armed trespassing? Who cares if the facility is seldom used? Is that some criteria? It’s been peaceful so far simply because the Feds, the sheriff and the locals have chosen to ignore them. The #vanillaISiS clowns have made it very clear they’re willing to kill and die for…well for something. Not the Hammonds. But something. Does that justify anything?

      2. Sunshine43 says:

        OMG, you must be a serious ignorant to ask that question! UGH!

        1. Rick Caird says:

          Great answer. Put a lot of thought into it, did ya’. So, how do they differ?

    9. Mary Brown says:

      Funny, militias are called for in the constitution to stop tyranny! FOUR HUNDRED ranchers stand to lose their land in that area when Obama signs the antiquities Act in August!! Leases they have used for 140+ years!!!

      1. CallingBatman says:

        Then overturn or amend the freaking Antiquities Act. For pete’s sake the Republicans have a the majority in both houses of Congress. They control most state legislatures out here in the West. Leverage that and change laws. But you can’t pick and chose which laws to obey. These guys are no more We The People than any of the rest of us 300 million+ Americans are.

        1. Mary Brown says:

          Obama will promptly veto it! He is abusing the Antiquities Act to hand land over to the greenies!

          1. CallingBatman says:

            So send him a law to veto. Try overturning the veto. I’m tired of republicans talking and not doing. And then whining about it.

  2. Guido FL says:

    Never fear the Feds will do another Waco to strike fear into those who disagree with them. The lawlessness as seen in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, and by MLB, etc. gets Obama’s blessing while the FBI chases whoever wrapped bacon on a mosques door handle.

    1. knighttemplar01 says:

      Obama and lynch, Aren’t clinton and reno, Waco and Ruby Ridge were planned false flag events, set ups, they could have taken Koresh anytime, he jogged alone on the road near the compound every afternoon. They wanted the bloodshed and carnage, they murdered women and children, then razed the site to cover up their actions. Then we have Ruby Ridge, another setup, Weaver was approached by the feds to spy on the militia operating near him, wanted no part of it, wanted to be left alone, they set him up, he failed to show up for a court appearance and they attached his homestead, the government high point was the execution of his wife while she was holding her infant. obamas gun grab, may very well precipitate a civil war. Americans aren’t buying firearms for wall decorations, they know their government is sliding towards a dictatorship; there is very little difference between executive orders, and his phone and the way the dictatorship in Venezuela operates, both regimes are run by thugs.


    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

      Can’t be having any of that White privilege here in Obama’s Amerika now can we?

    3. WatchingTheFall says:

      Hey if I get drunk and puke hot dogs in the mosque parking lot is it a hate crime?

    4. Sunshine43 says:

      Bingo! Sucks doesn’t it! We are so screwed up since the slug, Obutthead, entered the scene. He cannot be GONE soon enough!

  3. Rom Latham says:

    Calling Batman isn’t that how the American Revolution started facing down a tyrannical government with unjust laws.

    1. CallingBatman says:

      Yes, but to my way of thinking there’s a difference between “facing down a tyrannical government” and occupying a bird sanctuary in support of a couple of people who have made it clear don’t support the bird sanctuary occupation.

  4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

    I fear this will end baldy like Waco under Clinton. Just gives Hussein Obama more ammunition for his gun grabbing nature.

    1. WatchingTheFall says:

      Maybe they just have shotguns.

      1. tedlv says:

        They can shoot through the door, like the VP said, which would be OK.

    2. oatwillie says:

      On the other hand…

    3. Mary Brown says:

      Obama is playing with FIRE and he WILL get burned!

    4. tedlv says:

      I am not one to point out typos, generally, but your 6th word was quite hilarious. You did make a good point, of course, as always.

  5. taxpayer22 says:

    Socialist Hitler was a leftie.

  6. djr4nger says:

    Who does this Bundy guy think he is – Al Sharpton??

  7. William556 says:

    However, these liberals were cheering on the Occupy Wall Street crowd, the occupations as colleges, the rioting in Ferguson and elsewhere.

    That said: they should have either done this unarmed or dug in at the ranch. Unarmed at building and Obama’s media puppets couldn’t have gotten too upset and their actions couldn’t be used as an excuse for more power grabbing by Obama. At the ranch, the media would still have been against them, but Obama’s servants would have had to come in harder, and that might send the liberals into paroxysms of joy, but it would have horrified the rest of the country, and possibly even other parts of the world.

    This was poorly thought out and badly played on their part, unless, of course, that was the intention all along.

    1. Mary Brown says:

      They set up 30 miles from any other person for a reason! Obama cannot claim they are endangering anyone’s lives but their own!

    2. LittleRoot_48 says:

      They also cheered on the idiots on college campuses taking over the campus and making all sorts of insane demands. I stand with the militiamen.

  8. tsigili says:

    The liberals HATE IT, when the citizens stand up against the dictators.

  9. Mary Brown says:

    Do some digging! USGS report showing there is natural gas, uranium, copper, gold, silver, mercury etc in the area. It is VERY mineral rich!

    Drive hard working people off the land they have ranched for 100++ years then turn around and lease it to a foreign mining company that will destroy the land these ranchers have been good stewards of!

    1. Sue says:

      Very interesting thought! Couple that with the above comment about segregating America and then establish Martial Law???? We all had better be very vigilant and VERY prepared!

      1. LittleRoot_48 says:

        He’ll relocate some government dependent black city dwellers out there and they will turn the beautiful West into an American Zimbabwe.

  10. jblack50 says:

    Right now the FBI is playing it smart. My advice would be for them to stay that way. This would be a very good place to start a nice ripe Civil War. I can assure them that even though these people are peaceful they will not run. If fired on all hell will break loose and people will come running.

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