Former NFL player apologizes for cringeworthy comment about black quarterbacks

Former NFL player Dexter Manley did it again.

With a history of saying cringe-worthy things, the former Washington Redskin defensive end made an ill-advised remark about black quarterbacks Saturday as an analyst on CBS station WUSA he was later forced to apologize for.

“Most black quarterback like running because they’re probably used to running from the law,” Manley said, while discussing a player. The analyst next to him bowed his head out of sheer embarrassment.

The remark plays into the old stereotype that black quarterbacks can’t throw — a stereotype that went out the window with NFL great Warren Moon, who threw for nearly 50,000 yards and was named to nine Pro Bowls in a career that began in 1984 with the Houston Oilers, after a stint in the Canadian Football League.

Manley, known as “The Secretary of Defense,” played in the 70s and 80s.

He was banned for life from a local radio station in Washington in 2013 after he called three-time Super Bowl-winning former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman a “queer” on a live broadcast.

It didn’t take long for Manley to realize he really stepped in it.

“I made a comment earlier about black quarterbacks, and I do apologize,” he said a short time later. “I say things that I don’t think about sometimes.”

Ya’ think?

Tom Tillison


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