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Watch Hillary tout vodka drinking prowess to appeal to younger voters

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Someone on the Hillary Clinton campaign came up with a way to apparently reach younger voters by touting the candidate’s drinking contest with a Republican congressman.

In a video posted to the Democratic candidate’s Facebook page Thursday, Clinton is asked the burning question “Have you ever won a drinking competition?”

After her signature laugh, Clinton replied that she hasn’t been in many but the “most famous one,” was one she “engaged” in with Sen. John McCain.

“We have our political differences,” Clinton said in the video. “But we sat there, drinking vodka until we both, I think,  reached a withdraw in honorable fashion.”

Clinton considered the contest a tie.

Watch the video, below.

Quick Question: Have you ever won a drinking competition?What happened when Hillary and John McCain went head-to-head in a drinking competition?

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Frieda Powers


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