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‘Wasted’ Don Lemon makes jaw-dropping comment to female co-host LIVE on air

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Don Lemon entered 2016 with a flurry of social media attention for his behavior during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. The attention may not have been the sort the correspondent – or the network – would have asked for.

Hosting the New Year’s Eve festivities from New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin, Lemon reportedly drank too much and ended up eating “a ton of crawfish,” climbing into a hot tub, and making a sexual remark to co-host Kathy Griffin – while the cameras were rolling.

Griffin, who had earlier stripped down to her bra, was hosting with CNN’s Anderson Cooper from New York City’s Times Square. As cameras connected with the hosts in New Orleans, Lemon appeared to have already had too many drinks.

“I have to say Kathy… I have to say… nice rack,” Lemon told Griffin. “I didn’t know you had all of that.”

Baldwin promptly took away Lemon’s glass, saying she was cutting him off, while Cooper could be seen shaking his head, perhaps in disbelief. Griffin thanked Lemon, apparently trying to get past the awkward moment.

Viewers responded on social media as the scene unfolded.

Lemon didn’t stop there, as he also stepped into a hot tub while on air.

Though the anchor may have made some new fans with his performance, some viewers were not so amused.

Unbecoming for a network anchor, perhaps. But viewers were highly entertained as they continued to pile on the hangover jokes well in to New Year’s Day.


Frieda Powers


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