‘New low?’ CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks NYE viewers if co-host ‘hotter’ without shirt on

Having already taken raunchiness to new lows, where is CNN to go next to attract viewers.

How about semi-nudity.

The bawdy duo of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, having already simulated oral sex on live TV while ringing in 2013 for the network, were at it again on New Years Eve.

This time, the comedian strips down to her bra while Cooper, who is openly gay, asks viewers to vote via social media on whether she is “hotter with or without her shirt on?”

It doesn’t quite rank up there with 2013, when Griffin got on her knees in front of a very uncomfortable Cooper and told him, “I can do this all night long.”

But Thursday’s display was no momentary lapse of judgement either, because 14 minutes after the first tweet, Cooper posted a second tweet urging viewers not to forget to cast a vote:

Yet, America is expected to take the CNN host seriously when he’s moderating presidential debates?

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter, to include one that asked: “Which one is Kathy Griffin?”


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