Hero fatally crushed by elevator; wishes woman ‘Happy New Year’ moments before saving her life

Stephen Hewett-Brown
Photo credit Instagram.

A heroic 25-year-old New York man gave his life to save a woman from a defective elevator.

Stephen Hewett-Brown was already in the elevator when Erudi Sanchez, 43 entered around 15 minutes before the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve to throw out garbage, according to the New York Post.

“When I got into the elevator, I felt it dropping and I thought my feet would get caught in the gap but the man pushed me out and said, ‘Happy New Year,’” Sanchez told the Post.

Sadly the malfunctioning elevator dropped further after she was pushed out and it crushed Hewett-Brown’s body was crushed between it and the floor.

“I saw he was trapped and the elevator was crushing him. It was awful,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez’s son-in-law, Emanuel Coronado, 23, tried to get Hewett-Brown free but the weight of the elevator was too much to overcome, the Post reported.

“I feel bad I couldn’t save him. I tried to pull him out but the weight of the elevator was too heavy,” Coronado said, adding that a woman in the elevator who was with Hewett-Brown was hysterical.

“She was crying. He was saying, ‘I can’t breathe. Please help me,’” Coronado told the Post as he called the man a hero.

Stephen Hewett-Brown
Photo credit Instagram.

“He did a very valiant act to save me. We want to thank him and his family and pray that God gives them peace and comfort. It’s something I’ll never forget,” Sanchez said.

She added that the building has a troubled history with elevators.

“They don’t do a good job repairing them. Two months ago we got stuck inside and had to press the alarm button and were rescued after 15 minutes,” she said.

Hewett-Brown’s mother told the Post she had no comment on the tragic accident as she was grieving the loss of her son but a friend said he wasn’t surprised.

“That’s the kind of heart he had. He’s always been like that, very responsible, caring about other people,” Ejiro Omenih, 22, told the Post.

“He’s the head of the family. He has been the breadwinner for years, taking care of his grandmother, his mother, younger sister and a younger brother, Chris.”

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