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Fox News guest rendered SPEECHLESS after Watters asks THIS about Bill Clinton

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The silence spoke volumes as a guest on “The O’Reilly Factor” was left speechless by a question about Bill Clinton.

Jesse Watters, sitting in for Bill O’Reilly on the Fox News Channel show Friday, asked Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall one simple question. “Yes or no, has ex-president Bill Clinton abused women?”

Marshall’s inability to reply prompted Watters to remark, “I think your silence says a lot.”

“No. I wanted to be very clear,” Marshall finally said. “Because I wanted to think about Monica – although consensual, she was young. I wouldn’t say abuse – taken advantage of? Yes. Abused? No.”

Watters then unfurled a list of abuses by the former president, concluding that Clinton used his “political attack machine” to shut down whistleblowers.

“It looks like there is a track record of being very aggressive with women and then using political power to then cover it up and smear,” Watters said, before asking, “Am I wrong?”

Marshall, who called herself a feminist, said Clinton’s actions were “consensual” and therefore not abusive. She side-stepped Watters’ question by redirecting.

“I missed the part where Bill Clinton’s running again,” she said.  “He’s already served two terms. His wife is running.”

Watch the exchange below, with Watters’ question coming at the 1:28 mark.


Frieda Powers


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