Fiorina sets off FIRESTORM; infuriating tweet inspires #CarlyCurse hashtag

Carly Fiorina kicked off the new year by creating a social media firestorm after she tweeted what many saw as the ultimate in political pandering.

In a tweet on Friday, just before kickoff in Pasadena, California’s Rose Bowl, the Republican candidate announced that she would be rooting for the University of Iowa’s football team. The problem with this? Fiorina’s alma mater, Stanford, was the opposing team and with the Iowa caucus only a month away, her comment was seen as insincere at best.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was immediately slammed by Twitter users, including Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan who called Fiorina’s tweet “insulting to voters in Iowa (and everywhere).”

Conservative Iowa radio host, Steve Deace, called the candidate’s words “phony.”

Fiorina graduated Stanford in 1976 and underwent surgery in 2009 at the school’s hospital after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

As Stanford defeated Iowa 45-16 to become Rose Bowl champions, a new hashtag #CarlyCurse spread through social media.

One Twitter user summed up the disastrous episode this way:


Frieda Powers


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