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Shock poll: Strongest pro-Trump demographic NOT good news for Liberals

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Is Donald Trump raising up “Democrats for Trump” like Reagan did in 1980, or are the statistics lying?

New York Times “The Upshot” statistician Nate Cohn used data provided by a Democratic data firm to show that Trump’s top supporters are “self-identified Republicans who nonetheless registered as Democrats.”

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Conservative blogger AllahPundit believes Trump’s support among those who formerly voted Democrat may be part of a larger trend for the GOP.

The GOP is gradually becoming older and whiter due to white Democrats crossing the aisle for various reasons — contempt for some Democratic welfare programs, disagreement with progressives on cultural flashpoints like gay marriage, righteous disgust for the left’s insistence on open borders, racial anxiety, and so forth. On “values” issues, that influx of culturally conservative Dems will help entrench the GOP (for a while, at least) as a socially right-wing party despite more centrist tendencies among younger Republicans.


This could be good news for Trump, if he can get those Democratic voters to re-register as Republicans, or in open primary states, to show up for the Republican primary. But what’s good news for Trump, if the statistics are correct, is bad news for Sen. Ted Cruz.

“If you want a guy who knows how to pander to Democratic voters and ostentatiously doesn’t care how boorish people find him, there’s an obvious choice,” AllahPundit wrote. “And it ain’t Ted Cruz.”



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