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Open Carry Texas celebrates major victory

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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John Wayne would be right at home.

Beginning Jan. 1, Texans can now openly pack a sidearm on their hips, legally. The Lone Star state became the 45th, and largest, state to permit some kind of public handgun carry.

California, Florida, Illinois, and South Carolina still ban the practice, according to a Thursday Fox News report.

Advocacy group Open Carry Texas celebrated the victory. “Our ultimate goal will always be constitutional carry – if you can legally own and purchase a gun, you should be able to legally carry that gun without begging for government permission in the form of a license and 2nd Amendment tax,” they wrote on their website.

With close to 826,000 concealed carry permit holders in 2014, Texas law now allows those with permits to carry openly–provided the permit holder meets certain guidelines.

Citizens holding a concealed permit, at least 21 years old, with a clean criminal and mental health record, who complete a training course and pass a shooting proficiency test, can legally pack like The Duke.

But not everywhere. Businesses still have the right to ban firearms from their property, and eject anyone violates their policy. Like the saloons of old, some cowboys might just have to leave their guns at the door (or more properly, secured in their car).

Watch the Fox News video below.

Steve Berman


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