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‘F-minus’ for Congress: Conservatives, liberals agree on anger at Washington politics

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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One thing both conservatives and liberals can agree on is anger at Washington D.C.

A CNN/ORC poll released just before the new year showed that 75 percent of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed, while 69 percent are angry with the way things are going in the U.S.

After seven years of President Obama’s phone and pen ruling the White House, it’s natural that Republicans would reflect that angry trend: 82 percent say they are angry.

The anger intensifies among supporters of Donald Trump, at 91 percent. Many Democrats still fantasize about Obama having a positive legacy, but a third of those polled agree he has hurt the country.

The biggest target of Americans’ anger, however, is Congress, which gets an “F-minus” failing grade with a 14 percent approval rating. Even GOP majorities in both houses, and newly elected Speaker Paul Ryan have not improved Congress’ poor marks among Republicans. Only 12 percent approve of how Congress is doing its job.

With such pent-up anger at our elected national representatives and chief executive, Americans might think they’d get the message and return to citizens some of the liberties the ever-growing government has gobbled up to itself.

Perhaps come November, they’ll begin to understand.

Steve Berman


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