Lena Dunham leads celebrity responses to Cosby’s arrest: pot, meet kettle

Lefty loon actress-director Lena Dunham, who once admitted to sexually abusing her little sister in her own bo, led a rage directed at Bill Cosby after […]

Creepy abandoned hospital makes headlines with tree in window; mystery solved

The mystery behind alight spotted throughan abandoned hospital in downtown New Orleans has been solved. Interest in the light that was described as loing like a “Christmas […]

More than 100 Muslim employees fired after walkout in demand of prayer time

About 150 Somali-Muslim employees of a Colorado meat processing plant were fired after they walked out on the job, demanding prayer time, and refused to return. Approximately […]

Racism? Why is Bill Cosby finished, but Bill Clinton beloved?

Conservative writer and commentator Mark Steyn wondered why Bill Cosby’s career is “finished” while former President Bill Clinton gets a free pass and is even “the most […]

Taxpayers sound off when ‘bill’ for ‘vacationer in chief’ exposed

As 2015 comes to end Americans can rest assured that their president is being very well cared for. A report by Judicial Watch uncovered the whopping (and […]

Fox News Channel just made history

The latest cable ratings prove one thing – Americans are hungry for news. All three major cable news networks improved their rankings for 2015, but Fox News […]

NY Daily News gets mad kudos for 120-word Cosby headline – and they deserve it

Known for its bombastic front page covers, almost always left-leaning, did the New York Daily News finally get one right? The Daily News’ cover for Thursday centered […]

MSNBC asks if America would have turned back on Bill Cosby if he was Black Lives Matter supporter

The left in America, particularly African-Americans, are struggling to come to grips with Bill Cosby being charged with sexual assault, with some suggesting the mythical right-wing conspiracy […]

Petition to ban Trump from UK elicits government response ahead of debate

A petition demanding Donald Trump be banned from entering the UK has garnered enough signatures to elicit a response from the British government. The petition titled “Block […]

Libs delete article on mosque attack after learning attacker was Muslim

Salon eted an article on its website Wednesday about an arson attack on a Houston mosque, after news bre the alleged attacker was Muslim.

Hollywood legend John Wayne’s daughter endorses Trump: ‘I’m humbly at your service’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump just picked up a special endorsement that, though it may not make much difference at the polls, makes a huge symbolic impact […]

Republican v Democrat
Florida Five: Dems could surge with new map, New law effective Friday

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Redistricting ruling could bring Democratic resurgence in Florida Senate — In a ruling that could dramatically alter […]