‘Do the right thing!’ Woman garners support to change store policy after spotting Marine vet outside in cold

An Ohio location of the discount store chain Walmart created community outrage when it changed its policy and ordered a U.S. Marine veteran to stand outside to […]

Seven years after Obama stimulus, 150,000 US bridges ‘structurally deficient’

Nearly one-quarter of U.S. bridges – or around 150,000 – are “structurally deficient” and…

Student arrested for threatening to kill ’16 white males’ at University of Chicago

A man who claimed to be on a mission to kill “white devils” was arrested before he could do any damage. A 21-year-old engineering student at the […]

CNN quickly retracts factual reporting of Freddie Gray after critics scream foul

CNN was dragged over the coals Monday for its report on the first day of trial of the first of six defendants for the death of Baltimore drug […]

college student protest
Permissive parents spawn spoiled-brat students

Internet news sources, TV, and mainstream print media are filled to the brim these days with the infantile antics of spoiled-brat college students. Some bratpacks have joined […]

Cruz stirs pot with ‘undeniable’ claim; ‘overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats’

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz observed Monday that “The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.” The Texas Republican firebrand made this assessment during his appearance on “The […]

‘Callous’ doesn’t BEGIN to describe Hillary’s response in email about 6 dead soldiers

Don’t bother me with reports of soldiers being killed — I need a new ottoman! One Hillary Clinton email in the latest batch released by the State […]

Germany just confirmed worst NIGHTMARE of refugee crisis

Radical Islamist groups in Germany take advantage of the migrant crisis by offering food and shelter to refugees…

‘I saw love in that room’; Trump describes ‘amazing’ meeting with black pastors

Billionaire Donald Trump was floating on a sea of love after an extended meeting with African-American pastors and religious leaders, telling reporters “I saw love in that room.” […]

Florida Five: Clinton bars press from Tampa event, Ballot set for March pres. primary

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Hillary Clinton bars press from her Tampa ‘conversation’ – From William March: Organizers are expecting a crowd […]

Colorado Police SLAM ‘race baiting morons’; Planned Parenthood shooter’s live-capture NOT a racial issue

Colorado police have fired back against race baiters who have tried to turn Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting into a racial issue. Following the shooting that killed three, […]

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