Lena Dunham leads celebrity responses to Cosby’s arrest: pot, meet kettle

Lefty loon actress-director Lena Dunham, who once admitted to sexually abusing her little sister in her own book, led a Twitter rage directed at Bill Cosby after the actor-comedian was arrested for sexual abuse.

Pot, meet kettle.

Wednesday, after Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Kevin Steele publicly authorized an arrest warrant for Cosby, Dunham tweeted:

Soon other celebrities followed suit beginning with director Judd Apatow.

Comedian-actress Amy Schumer threw her two cents in.

As did Mia Farrow and her son Ronan, who approached the subject with a dose of sarcasm.

Replies to the tweets were pretty lukewarm — except in the case of Dunham who’s also a strong supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She was inundated with replies — none of them flattering.

But especially cutting were the replies that brought up Dunham’s own self-admitted past.

In addition to admitting to her own sexual misadventures, Dunham accused a “mustachioed campus Republican” at Ohio’s Oberlin College last year of brutally raping her, a claim that Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz said placed her in a “credibility crisis.”

The reason? More than one media outlet attempted to confirm her claims and couldn’t. A guy matching her given description didn’t attend Oberlin College in the time frame she alleged the attack had happened.


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