Hollywood legend John Wayne’s daughter endorses Trump: ‘I’m humbly at your service’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump just picked up a special endorsement that, though it may not make much difference at the polls, makes a huge symbolic impact — especially among conservative movie-goers.

Aissa Wayne, daughter of the late legendary actor John Wayne wrote the billionaire real estate mogul a lovely letter of support in which she stated she was “humbly” at his service. He posted the letter Wednesday on his Facebook page.

facebook post

“Mr. Trump has visited the birthplace of John Wayne (my dad) in Iowa recently,” she began, referring to a reception he hosted there in June.

“My dad, I am sure, would be very proud of Mr. Trump and the goal to Make America Great Again!” she wrote. “I want to thank Mr. Trump for the tireless work he is doing for this country. The average American citizen is mad as hell that our country is being sold down the river. Mr Trump has finally given the people of America a voice for which I am so grateful.”

She closed by pledging her support.

“Please know that I am in your corner, and I am certain that my dad would have been a big supporter of Mr. Trump. If there is anything I can do to assist in the campaign, I am humbly at your service.”

“A lovely letter from the daughter of the late great John Wayne. Our country could use a John Wayne right now,” Trump wrote along with Wayne’s note.

He also posted the news on Twitter, which immediately got a flurry of replies, some drawing comparisons between the two men, as well as distinctions between Trump and President Obama and the Democratic presidential front-runner.


35 thoughts on “Hollywood legend John Wayne’s daughter endorses Trump: ‘I’m humbly at your service’

  1. HOFFHACK says:

    Interesting that they show mostly negative tweets! No mention of the over 11 million likes Trump has on Facebook and twiitter, Hmmmmmm? But no bias, right?

  2. Mr02shadow . says:

    New Hampshire for “Trump 2016”

  3. wsurfs . says:

    DEAD BROKE…!? HAHAHA…!! THAT’S just one in a long chain of LIES from the Clintons…..!!

  4. A, Price says:

    Well, good for Trump! He’s NOT my guy in this race…just not sure we can ‘trust’ him to be/do all the things he’s claiming?? The country can’t handle another ‘disaster’!!!!!!

    BTW…Happy New Year everyone!!! It’s going to be interesting!!!!

  5. Mary Brown says:

    Tide is turning against liberalism and PC crap. People are fed up with the whiners who want everything for free!

  6. John Campbell says:

    One heck of an endorsement. Good to have the “Duke” on our side.

  7. Winghunter says:

    It just freaks me out that there are this many gullible idiots willing to trust a con man who has NEVER walked his talk! If John Wayne were alive today, the only thing he would offer Trump is a right cross to the jaw! (AND his daughter a good spanking.)

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