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Fox News Channel just made history

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The latest cable ratings prove one thing – Americans are hungry for news.

All three major cable news networks improved their rankings for 2015, but Fox News blew its competition away.

CNN finished the year at No. 22 in prime time, and No. 20 in total daytime ratings, while MSNBC squeaked up to No. 26 in both categories.

But Fox’s final standing for the year at No. 2 for prime time viewership is what’s made history as the first news network to ever finish in the top 3.

It seems the only thing American primetime viewers like better than news is sports. ESPN took the No. 1 spot while TBS rounded out No. 3.

Fox dominated in total day ratings also, where the news giant drops to a very respectable No. 3. Nickelodeon and Adult Swim are the only networks to beat Fox during the day.

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