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Couple first to pay for cloned puppies of deceased pet; how much?

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In what can only be the beginning of a potentially very dangerous trend, a British couple has poured an enormous amount of money into cloning their deceased dog.

For $200k Laura Jacques and her partner, Richard Remde of Yorkshire will get two puppies from the DNA of their beloved Boxer, Dylan who died in June.

The couple flew to South Korea for Christmas to await the puppies’ birth, The Guardian reported. The couple are the first UK paying customers of Sooam Biotech Research Foundation.

According to the Guardian:

Sooam, the leading laboratory in the world for dog cloning, has produced more than 700 dogs for commercial customers. The technique involves implanting DNA into a “blank” dog egg that has had the nucleus removed. The egg is given electric shocks to trigger cell division and is then implanted into a surrogate female dog.


The puppies will have identical DNA and should have many of the same physical and mental characteristics of the couple’s dead dog, Dylan, according to the Guardian.

The couple is ecstatic.

“It will be like five Christmases coming all at once,” said Remde.

For now, cloning of humans remains illegal, and the unregulated pet cloning industry has its share of critics.

“Cloning for mammals is not normally successful. One of our concerns is that commercial cloning companies can exploit grieving pet owners,” Helen Wallace director of Genewatch said. “We think that cloning for pets should be banned. There is no justification for it.”


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