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Unexpected suspect arrested in Houston mosque fire case

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Gary Nathaniel MooreA suspect has been arrested in charged with intentionally setting fire to a Houston mosque on Christmas Day.

Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, a devout member of the mosque who prayed there seven days a week, five times per day, was arrested on arson charges Wednesday, KTRK reported.

Moore was identified as a suspect when investigators reviewed surveillance footage from the pharmacy next to the mosque where Moore was seen walking swiftly away before smoke emerged from the building, according to court records obtained by KTRK.

During a search of the suspects home police found clothing that matched that of the man in the video.

In addition authorities found a charcoal lighter at Moore’s home that appeared to have been sold as part of a package which match the other charcoal lighter found at the scene, according to the court record obtained by KTRK.

Authorities say in those court papers that they took computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices for forensic testing from the Moore’s home.

Moore is currently in police custody on $10,000 bond.

No one was hurt in the Christmas Day fire at the shopping center on Wilcrest.

Firefighters said at the time of the fire that they were suspicious because the fire appeared to have more than one point or origin.

Watch the report below.

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