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Trump spokesperson’s attention-grabbing necklace revs up liberal hypocrisy

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Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson may have thought her interview was over on CNN Tuesday, but there was still one burning question chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto had to ask.

Sciutto, filling in for Jake Tapper on “The Lead,” had to know what was up with Pierson’s necklace.

Pierson replied that the necklace, which appeared to be a string of bullets, was a show of support for small businesses – in this case, probably gun dealers. She later tweeted a much sharper response to the critics that would take issue with the piece. 

The question was asked off-air and immediately after an interview that focused on Trump’s criticism of former president Bill Clinton. With the GOP front-runner’s comments on Clinton’s history with women, and the back and forth with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on who is more sexist, it seemed ironic to then focus on Pierson’s fashion choice.

Viewers had mixed reactions.

Interestingly, the irony was lost on those who used social media to criticize the spokeswoman’s appearance.

Of course, there were some savvy Twitter users who did see the hypocrisy.

Frieda Powers


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